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How to Use the Burst Statistics Plugin on WordPress

Burst Statistics - WordPress Plugin

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There are some self-hosted analytics solutions for your WordPress website, and one of the most recent plugins is Burst Statistics.

It is a privacy-friendly solution as it is designed to store data on your WordPress website, which is not shared with any third party. Its user-friendly features allow for quick setup and convenient viewing of your website visitors.

You can consider it as a partial alternative to Google Analytics.

Burst Analytics - WordPress Plugin

After the successful installation and activation of the Burst Statistics plugin, you will see a new menu inside wp-admin;

Dashboard > Statistics

Burst Analytics - WordPress Plugin

Burst Analytics - WordPress Plugin Settings

The plugin comes with a turbo mode which can be enabled to load the Burst Statistics script in the footer instead of the header and is deferred, which does not impact your website’s performance. You can also set a cookieless tracking option.

Burst Statistics Dashboard

Burst Statistics Dashboard - WordPress Plugin-dashboard

By default administrator, users would be excluded automatically from being tracked, but you can also include other user roles to be excluded in the advanced settings.

The Burst Statistics plugin only uses three custom database tables for the storage of analytics data;


The plugin uses the following transients, which are stored in your sites options database table;


The Burst Statistics plugin has one cron event, which runs every 5 minutes;


If you are hunting for an easy-to-setup and self-hosted analytics plugin, then the Burst Statistics plugin is worth looking at.

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