How to build customer loyalty with clear communication

We all want customer loyalty. It is a lot easier to upgrade an existing client than to bring on a new one. Less expensive too.

Did you know that the key to customer loyalty may be communication?

Communication should be simple and clear.

These are two things that stand out when I looked at an article on communication by Groove.

Like Buffer, Groove is known for its clear communication and transparency. Whether you use their product or not, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself reading one of their blog posts.

In fact, Groove found out that great communication is essential for customer loyalty.

This what Len Markidan of Groove said:

“The true key to customer loyalty, as the Harvard Business School found, is reducing customer effort.

Make your customers’ lives easier, and they’ll reward you with their continued business.”

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Markidan then listed 11 ways to make communication more simple and clear. It is worth the read.

In this day, we have multiple ways to communicate with our customers. Today, I am going to mention six different modes of communication that we can use to easier communicate with our clients.

6 Ways to build Customer Loyalty with clear Communication

Documentation – Knowledge Base/FAQs

If you are offering a product, this is probably the most important thing you can do.

Documentation with tips and tutorials along with a comprehensive knowledge base will go a long way in helping your customers.

Sure, some customers will ask you about every. single. thing.

Most, however, will research on their own first.

It takes time to build that kind of documentation.

Additionally, pay attention to frequently asked questions. FAQ’s will give you an idea what kind of hangups your customers are having.

Need some help getting started. These two articles are extremely thorough and should help get you kicked started.…


Good Documentation – courtesy of Unsplash


Support Desk – Tickets

If you are providing ongoing technical support, this is pretty much a necessity.

Having a system in place to answer tickets in a timely fashion is the life blood technical based companies.

In doing so, you have a direct communication platform that allows you to communicated with the client regarding the issue.

Follow the process because it documents everything you do and say to the client as well as the process of the life of the ticket.

Your ticket system and support desk are closely aligned to your Documentation. In fact, you mostly likely will have much of your documentation directly in your help desk portal as MainWP does.

You will, likely, choose a helpdesk SaaS solution. If so, make sure it provides efficient and seamless communication protocols.

While you may be able to solve your customer’s problem using email and tickets, occasionally, you may have to get on the phone.

Then, as in any situation, practice best customer service techniques.


Some clients just have to talk on the phone or see you in person. As web entrepreneurs, it is not as necessary to talk on the phone, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

The phone is a much more traditional platform.

Remember to speak with empathy and practice good customer service form. Our clients do not understand as much about our product as we do, so it is good to be patient.

You may also use mail. You remember the mail, don’t you? Sometimes we still have to send letters, thank you notes, or other items by traditional mail or other services.

Do you make phone calls? courtesy Unsplash

Social media

Social media is fun for many of us. The bottom line is that a lot of us are introverts and social media gives us a buffer and allows us to relax.

It is a great place to build rapport with clients as well. We can nurture that relationship as well as share content we think we be valuable with them.

Seriously, it is not like we have to check in with them every day, but it is a great place to stay connected and communicate.

Scheduling regular posts and responding to mentions keep those lines of communication open.

Entrepreneurs can always go deeper on a subject offline via email of phone.

By the way, if you haven’t already, join the MainWP Facebook page! There are good discussions in there and a great way to learn more about MainWP. I see something I didn’t know almost every day.


Client Relationship Management is also a fantastic place to communicate with clients.

If you are a company that mostly offers services, you probably are using a robust CRM.

CRM’s let you do everything from keep up with contacts, companies, sales pipelines and build marketing campaigns.

It is a little different from your normal email marketing service.

7 Ways to use Client Relationship Management Software

However, if you have clients and they aren’t on your opt-in email list, then you can send them emails through the CRM.

In doing so, you can send out notifications, news, and upsell opportunities.

I use Agile CRM and it includes the ability to track emails. This is a fantastic device letting me know if someone opened my email.

As mentioned in the MainWP Facebook Group, Streak allows you to have a CRM inside your Gmail account.Pretty nifty!

AgileCRM Screenshot, one of the many solutions on the market

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a viable option for customer communication. Email marketing can be used for onboarding clients to your email list to delivering e-courses, a sequence for something such as a product launch, and sales messages.

The good thing about email marketing is that you have a lead, prospect or client who has asked to receive these emails. They have agreed to receive emails because they want to know what is happening and what products and services you have.

Entrepreneurs can nurture a relationship, send segmented emails to those who have different interests, and educate those on the list.

Additionally, you can send surveys to get an idea what kind of content they would like to read.

Basics of email marketing by Yoast

Over to You

Communication with your customers is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur.  It helps to keep
How do you keep in communication with your clients?

Do you have account managers?

Do you use helpdesks, tickets or email?

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