Are you frustrated? The new year, reflective roundup

Are you frustrated- The new year, reflective roundup

It’s a new year and with a new year, it is the time for reflection.

Or maybe not.

You have probably hit the ground running with all your existing and new projects in 2017. I’m sure you are putting out fires and trying to find ways to prevent security leaks in your WordPress setup.

Well, it’s time to pick up our first Roundup post of the new year.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

Reflections Roundup

What is second mover advantage? Entering a market late. 

Author: Chris Lema

Fewer people in the WordPress space is more reflective than Chris Lema. The guy is like me, he is always thinking at 30K feet.

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In this latest post, he goes into the future of the WordPress ecosystem.

If you think it has been good the past ten years, I think, and he does as well, that WordPress will be even more progressive.

Chris addresses whether an entrepreneur can find some kind of differentiation in the WordPress space as a late comer.

He says quite clearly,

“No, the good product ideas aren’t all taken.
There’s tons of room to innovate.”

So, do you think you can still differentiate your product or service in the WordPress space?

Frustrated Freelancers: Quit Dreaming & Work Smarter

Author: Kevin D. Hendricks

Are you an Entrepreneur or a freelancer? And, as I wonder, does it matter?

I always kind of thought if you were a freelancer, you are in business for yourself, which makes you an entrepreneur.

This is the crux of the issue

“Launching a product and managing a business is vastly different from the craft of doing work for others. You need to figure out who you are and then maximize what you’re best at.”

The author, KEVIN D. HENDRICKS, make some valid points about the difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur, although, admittedly, I define entrepreneur a little broader.

The “How to Work Smarter” checklist is gold.

50 Things to do with WordPress before you die

Author: David Attard…

I said this issue of the roundup was reflective, I wasn’t kidding.

The whole “what if” exercise is usually a good practice. You can do this exercise in many different ways and they often make for a great blog post.

Thus, we have this charming post from WPMUDev. I like the post as it gives so many different things to do, kind of like a challenge.

In doing so, if we were able to accomplish a fraction of the list, we would be better WordPress Entrepreneurs.

Many of the suggestions are regularly suggested, so they are nothing new, but they did a good job of curating them all in one place.

What of these suggestions have you accomplished? What would you like to do?

I once started a local WordPress meetup. It lasted for several months but fell after a while. I cherish the experience. The market was way too small.

What are some of your experiences?

The hidden dangers of using free site scan tools.

Kimberly Lipari

Do you use scans for various aspects of your website? Scans have popped over the past years for everything pertaining to security, speed, and SEO.

Many of them are free.

However, for owners who know little about the technical aspects they are testing, there may be hidden dangers.

Our friends over at recently published an article about these hidden dangers.

Do you use scans for your website?

Do more. Courtesy of Unsplash
Do more. Courtesy of Unsplash


Recently, I remarked on Facebook how, to me, reading Medium is like looking at the magazine rack at the bookstore.

When I worked in a bookstore, we had pretty big magazine racks.

You were able to stand there and survey the magazine covers, choose from the titles or the beautiful people on the cover.

We were able to flip through the magazines and read articles.

Of course, if you wanted to take one home, you had to take them by the registers to buy.

Medium is one of my new favorite things to do.

I will go and put in a term in the search engine or just scroll. It can become a deep rabbit hole.

In this roundup, here are few articles that stood out.

WordPress and Laravel

Author:  Eric L. Barnes

This article intrigued me because Laravel is the most popular PHP framework and the author is talking about pairing it with WordPress, the most popular CMS.

The creator of Laravel is from my little state of Arkansas, so I am aware of the framework and the depth of work for which developers can use Laravel.

WordPress inside a Ruby on Rails App

Author: Paul Arterburn

Ruby on Rails is, of course, the platform developed by the team from Basecamp. Ruby is something many startups use to scale their user and development application.

I thought this was interesting much like the Laravel article.

What if we planned ahead, like, two years down the road?

Author:  Benjamin P. Hardy

In keeping with our theme of reflection, this article takes the cake for me.

Most of us just finished planning for 2017, but what if we should have been planning for 2018 instead?

I think this is a legitimate question.

Author Benjamin P. Hardy says, “The principle is simple: Don’t just plant a tree, plant an orchard.”

“The principle is simple: Don’t just plant a tree, plant an orchard.”

Now, I’m not naive. I know everyone doesn’t think this way.

However, this makes sense to me. It kick-started my thinking about the future of my own business.

I have always claimed that if you are doing what everyone is doing, then you are already behind.

What about you?

How far in the future do you plan?

Over to You

What have you been reading?

What articles have stood out to you in the first month of the year?

Where do you go for inspiration?

Looking for something?

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