Easily Removing the Bloat in WordPress

WordPress by default can enable a number of back-end and front-end features which can lead to performance issues but there are code snippet and plugin methods to easily remove the bloat.

MainWP has an extension for being able to save and then run code snippets on all connected child sites. There are a vast number of code snippets that will allow you to remove front-end and back-end bloat in WordPress and a number of plugins on the MainWP GitHub code snippets repository. A number of code snippets are also posted on the MainWP community you can filter by tags to find if the plugin you are looking for is covered.

The plugin is called Unbloater and it includes controls for WordPress core back-end, front-end, the block editor, and a range of commonly used plugins. After the Unbloater plugins has been installed and activated on a site it will add a new admin menu to;

Settings > Unbloater

WordPress core (back-end)
Hide update notice for non-admin users
Disable core auto-updates
Disable theme auto-updates
Disable plugin auto-updates
Disable code editors
Limit post revisions
Disable Application Passwords
Limit creation of Application Passwords to admins
Remove WordPress ‘W’ admin bar item
Remove admin footer text

WordPress Core (Front-end):
Remove generator tag
Remove script/style version parameter
Remove WLW Manifest link
Remove RSD link
Remove shortlink
Remove feed links
Remove feed generator tag
Remove DNS prefetch to s.w.org
Remove jQuery Migrate script
Remove emoji styles and scripts
Load comment script only when needed
Remove recent comments inline style
Prevent auto-linking URLs in comments
Reduce Heartbeat interval
Normalize favicon
Normalize login logo title
Normalize login logo URL

Block Editor
Deactivate Block Directory
Deactivate Core Block Patterns
Deactivate Template Editor

The third-party plugin options will only show if the specific plugin is active on the site.

Third-party plugins
Advanced Custom Fields: Remove admin interface
Autoptimize: Remove admin bar item
Autoptimize: Remove imgopt notice
Rank Math: Remove admin bar item
Rank Math: Whitelabel (removes head comments and admin footer credit)
Rank Math: Remove sitemap credit
Rank Math: Remove link class
SearchWP: Remove stats widget
SearchWP: Remove stats link
SearchWP: Remove admin bar item
The SEO Framework: Remove plugin indicator
The SEO Framework: Move metabox to ‘side’ context
WooCommerce: Remove ‘Connect your store’ notice
WooCommerce: Remove all notices
WooCommerce: Remove cart fragment scripts
WooCommerce: Remove SkyVerge dashboard
Yoast SEO: Remove admin bar item
Yoast SEO: Remove plugin indicator

If you need more control over disabling some of the bloat in the WooCommerce plugin then I would recommend using the Disable WooCommerce Bloat plugin.

Using the Unbloater is an easy way to control a lot of the front-end and back-end bloat that is added by plugins and a number of commonly used plugins on your site.

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