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February blog post roundup is all about social media

roundup social media

In February’s blog post roundup, we look at social media. We talk about Facebook Stories, Blog posts and videos and funnels, Facebook advertising, and trends of social media in 2018. In creating our roundup, we turn to four of the biggest, best and most respected blogs for social media: Agora Plus, Hubspot, Social Media Examiner, and Buffer.

Strap on your boots, we are going to walk in the deep waters of social media goodness. Let’s go.

The Simplest Way to Make Facebook Stories for Pages

Sometimes, when I am just sitting around, I get the urge to make a Facebook Story. It is silly really. I take a pic, add a funny filter, and boom. I’ve gotten a few chuckles from my Facebook Friends.

I have also tried my hand at the Instagram Stories. I’m not very good with that either. My millennial friends, however, know just want to do. They make some good and engaging stories.

Agora Plus author Amanda Webb goes through the options you have for creating a good Facebook story. She has some good points.

My advice, find a millennial to help.

How to Turn Blog Posts Into a Video Funnel

Ever need some extra content for your business? Here is one way you can add that content.

Serena Ryan has the goods in this article at Social Media Examiner. She shows how to use Google Tag, Facebook Pixel, a blog post and a video to create a funnel that leads readers to customers.

She does a great job of explaining each step and why each step exists. Additionally, if you follow her plan, you will have a nice set of data regarding engagement with your content that you can utilize.

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5 Facebook Advertising Tips to Help You Maximize Your Budget in 2018

You gotta love Facebook. Well, any online marketing platform actually. Just when you get used to something, they make a change.

The most recent news, of course, is that Facebook is tweaking their algorithm (of course they are!) to help your feed show the things you want to see like family and friends posts.

This is good for the user, but maybe a little bad for the business owner. This means you may need to invest more in Facebook ads. Well, who knew?

So, if you are going to dive into Facebook ads, you might check out this article from Buffer.

Author Ash Read delivers 5 tips to help you in your Facebook ad quest. Go forth and Facebook.

5 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2018

Well, the first of the year, or the end of the year, is the time where people like to predict the future. Or, as it were, they like to predict trends.

Hey, some people can see things coming.

Since the folks at Hubspot have their finger on the pulse of all things digital marketing (they call it Inbound Marketing), then this time is as good as ever for making predictions for social media.

If you want the TL;DR version, it is below.

I’ll be honest with you, I think that author Sophia Bernazzani is pretty spot on with these predictions. I already see people using more video, especially on Facebook. Chatbots are changing things too although I don’t care for them. AI and voice search, check. In fact, it is already happening. I’m not sure how far virtual reality will come in 2018, but anything is possible.

What are your thoughts on the trends in social media in 2018?


  1. Live video content will only continue to grow.
  2. Messaging apps will become a critical communication method.
  3. Virtual reality will find its way into more and more marketing experiences.
  4. More channels will make it difficult to monetize (and therefore, weaponize) content.
  5. Voice search and AI will change the way users discover brands and content.



Like websites, social media is no longer optional. Utilizing social media is a part of your entire digital footprint. As WordPress consultants, we help our clients integrate their entire digital marketing strategy including social media.

Do you use social media for your business? What channels do you use and how do you implement your strategies?

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