Five Digital Marketing blogs that will help you improve your digital business


Today I wanted to list a few blog posts that I find helpful in this world of digital marketing. Everyone has their own idea of what is a great blog. My idea of a great digital marketing blog includes articles with lots of great resources, good writing, good examples, and illustrations, and they offer the first-hand experience of working with the craft.

Certainly, there is the usual list of popular digital marketing blogs. Some of these may be in those lists, some of these may not. Nevertheless, these are the ones I chose for this article.

So, here is my list of five digital marketing blogs that can immediately improve your business.

Grow and Convert


Some of the most in-depth articles on content marketing resides at this blog ran by the agency Grow and Convert. These guys are legit. Many of their articles fall in the case study category showing exactly how they executed something for a client.

Veterans of the tech and digital marketing industry, the company is founded by Devesh Khanal and Benji Hyam. Grow and Convert has even launched its own content marketing course.

Other categories of content include User Research, Content Strategy/SEO, Content Promotion, and Increasing Blog Conversions. You can find some of those top articles here.

Warning. If you start reading articles here, you will find yourself there for the entire day. Use with caution.

Impact Inbound Marketing Blog

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When it comes to Impact, they started appearing on my radar in the past couple of years. As you know, when I write articles at MainWP, there is usually lots of sources. As I would search for topics, many roads led me to Impact.

Impact was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Connecticut. It is a full-scale marketing agency and a Diamond Partner with Hubspot according to its LinkedIn page.

The blog is a treasure trove of content. Many of the categories are based on the Inbound framework put out about Hubspot.

ConversionXL – conversions


This blog might be the premier blog for conversion optimization. When I want to learn more about things like customer research and value propositions, this is one of the first blogs I turn too.

CXL also manages to rope some of the smartest conversion rate optimizers to write articles for them. You can find articles by people like Joanna Wiebe, Jennifer Havice, and the founder Peep Laja.

Naturally, CXL does more than put out a blog. They have various levels of services as well as courses and other resources.

They also host CXL Live in Austin (like we another excuse to go to Austin!).

Do yourself a favor and bookmark this blog for some deep research regarding best conversion techniques.



Talia Wolf is a rising star in the conversion optimization and copywriting world. She brings the good with her blog as well.

Recently, Wolf has been hosting a weekly webinar to her tribe, but her talent is in using psychology to help with persuasion.

At the first of the year, I shared with my peeps an article she wrote about setting goals. It was a very practical article which helps others see that it is possible to set a goal and follow through with success.

The blog also has a fantastic article about conducting customer interviews by copywriter Nikki Elbaz.

GetUPLift is where conversion, psychology, persuasion and copywriting all come together.

SEO Blogs



There are many SEO blogs and the guys at Ahrefs compiled a list of the top 29. There are several in there that are very popular in a wider audience as well as some that are popular with the SEO crowd.

Certainly, when it comes to SEO blogs, the Ahrefs blog has to be one of the top blogs. Moz has a great SEO blog as well which has multiple authors with varying degrees of topics.

A couple others that people read regularly are Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.

Other popular blogs in the list include Brian Dean’s Backlinko and the Yoast blog.

What are some of your favorite SEO blogs?



I could include dozens of blogs here for copywriting, but I am going to mention Copyhackers. Founded by Joanna Wiebe, the blog is well known among the tech, startup and SaaS industries for learning how to use copywriting in their industry.

Wiebe has some of the best posts available for copywriting. In addition, she holds a weekly webinar called Tutorial Tuesday and has a host of courses she has developed. She gives selflessly to help others get better at copywriting.

The articles at this blog are epic. They include loads of resources, data points, examples, illustrations and much more. Each article also uses the best copywriting practices to help keep the reader engaged as they read through these long posts.

Wrapping it up

I know I said I was going to list five blogs, however, hopefully, you can use the other blogs as well. It’s good to get outside our ecosystem to learn more about the online business in a broader sense.

These blogs can really help you with things like conversion, SEO, copywriting, content marketing, and inbound marketing. Keeping up to date with these areas will help us have a well-rounded WordPress business.

What are some blogs you like to read outside the WordPress ecosystem?

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