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How to Improve The Glance Admin Dashboard Widget

WordPress core includes a default dashboard widget called At a Glance. The dashboard widget will show the number of pages, WordPress version, if the site is public or not, and the active theme.

If you are using a plugin like Disable Widgets on your child site to hide certain dashboard widgets, you will need to make sure the At a Glance (dashboard_right_now) is not disabled.

Appearance > Disable Widgets > Dashboard Widgets

First, install the Glance That plugin on your child sites.

Glance That plugin will allow you to add many useful sections to the dashboard widget, including posts, custom post types (e.g, if WooCommerce is installed and active), products and orders, plugins, themes, Gravity Forms, and others.

From wp-admin on your child site, toggles will show on the At a Glance dashboard widget, so that you add sections to the widget, and reveal more details on those sections.

You can also remove sections you have added to the dashboard widget.

If you have the sections you would like to apply to new users on the site that could access wp-admin or to existing users, those settings for the added sections will be set for all existing users.

The Glance That plugin does an efficient job. It repurposes an existing dashboard widget that WordPress core enabled by default, and makes it of value.

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Sebastian Moran
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2 thoughts on “How to Improve The Glance Admin Dashboard Widget

  1. Thanks for featuring this plugin! I hope it’s able to serve many well.

    I’d also note that if there are items that don’t have a default icon (such as Scheduled Actions or Products – shown above), then you can click on the circle when adding the item to assign a custom icon.

    There are also a number of filters (outlined on the plugin page) you can use to fine tune the plugin if you feel the need.


    1. Thank you for the info.

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