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Site Health Checker Feature in WordPress 5.2

Site Health Checker Feature in WordPress 5.2

WordPress 5.2 includes a new, exciting feature which will show the health of your site. This helpful feature is on track for release on May 7th. You can access the site health feature on your site if you are an admin user in wp-admin from;

Tools > Site Health

The first page will end up running a series of tests on your site. Those test results will be displayed back on the page. The percentage, which shows at the top of the page, might be removed before WordPress 5.2 is released and replaced with a more meaningful display of results.

Site Health tests are filterable, allowing developers of plugins and themes to add their own tests. The same tests that some Managed WordPress hosts might add will show in the site health status results.

Tools > Site Health > Info

The full results of the info can be found in this example.

The site health feature will help share the WordPress version, plugins, and other information if a plugin is having issues on the site, and there is an easy way to share supportive info of the plugin. This feature is similar to the system status report feature in WooCommerce.

One of the current issues is that the percentage score at the top of the site health report results does not accurately reflect the test results. This will hopefully be removed before WordPress 5.2 ships in early May. The site health feature is based on the Health Check plugin, which has been available for a while.

There is already a plugin to remove the Site Health feature from WordPress core in version 5.2.

The site health feature could be useful when built into the WordPress core. It offers a way to pinpoint numerous parts of the site. Site Health lends a way for plugin developers to easily extract useful information, and troubleshoot any issues.

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