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Choosing the top WordPress podcasts, using a new search engine, and using originality for better content

The MainWP Roundup

Today we are going to dive into three different topics from recent articles. We will discuss the top 20 WordPress podcasts, the release of a new search engine, and finally, how you can make your content even better.

Buckle up, let’s ride.

20+ Best WordPress Podcasts to Listen to in 2019

Courtesy: | Being a guest on a podcast
Courtesy: | Being a guest on a podcast

In the past, we’ve talked about podcasts on the MainWP blog. We know a thing or two about good podcasts. Well, recently, WP Explorer put out a list of 20+ podcasts.

I decided to take a look at the list. The list does have stellar podcasts such as WP-Tonic, The Kim Doyal Show, and the Matt Report. They also have Women in WP which is a relatively new podcast.

A couple of podcasts missing, I think, are WP Builds and Joe Casabona’s How I Built It. Additionally, I would include Agency Trailblazers by Lee Jackson.

In the comments, others talk about the podcasts they like mentioning WP Builds and WP Plugins A to Z.

To include the podcasts, the author mentions,

“To find podcasts to recommend, we looked at a few things. First the nature of the content, since it had to be primarily WordPress-focused of course. Second, the quality of content presented. And lastly availability – because regular and easy to access episodes are just more fun..”

Based on this alone, I am floored they don’t mention WP Builds because they easily have all of those things.

One of the problems with a list post like this is that you can leave something off without meaning to. No harm.

We all have our own list of favorite podcasts. What are some of your favorite podcasts?

Creative Commons

I had forgotten that Creative Commons has a search feature. I saw the article from WP Tavern shared on Facebook.
Most of the time, I use or Unsplash to get images for the articles I write.

The Creative Commons is the place that helps creatives have a public copyright license, helping them distribute and share creative works.

According to the Creative Commons announcement,

“CC Search searches images across 19 collections pulled from open APIs and the Common Crawl dataset, including cultural works from museums (the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Art), graphic designs and art works (Behance, DeviantArt), photos from Flickr, and an initial set of CC0 3D designs from Thingiverse.”

With 300 million images, a cleaner user interface, and an easier way to utilize attribution, what’s not to love?
I may be trying this out again.

What do you use to find images for your content?

“wp-milestone”by niallkennedy is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Why Your Content Needs “Originality Nuggets” to be Effective

“We think marketers have become too focused on length being the key factor to ‘great content’, which has produced too many long posts that have nothing original to say.” Devesh Khanal, Grow and Convert

My challenge to you my WordPress friends, should you choose to accept it, is “create better and more compelling content that creates conversions.”



If there is anything that I want to see WordPress professionals do better, it is to create better content and better blog posts.

Brace yourself, because I am going to send you to a blog that delivers with amazing accuracy.

Grow and Convert is one of the best content marketing blogs for software and tech pros on the planet.

In fact, it might be one of the best in the Universe. Just don’t tell Thanos.

Follow their blog long enough, and you will begin to see the reasons why. The good thing is that they will let you in on their secret if you take the time to read their content.

This particular article is the same.

Regarding the quote I posted above, they follow with:

“How many “epic” 3000+ word blog posts have you read that haven’t really taught you anything new? For me, too many.”

How many times have I read a 3,000 or longer blog post that says nothing new? How many times have you?

It’s safe to say that length is not the only benchmark for more content. The author, Devesh Khanal, says these are:

  • It drives traffic.
  • A decent fraction of that traffic is qualified.
  • It drives leads or sales.

These are hard to do. However, no doubt they point to great content that turns the wheels of conversion.

The content framework that Khanal propose is called the Originality Nuggets Framework.

This content includes what he calls an originality nugget. These are what Khanal’s defines as,

“Little bits of originality that make a piece of content unique from others, and thus worthy of being shared or linked to.”

So, go ahead and add some originality to your articles. Don’t just say what everyone else has said, find a something different to add to the discussion.

Wrapping it up

Finding images is can be a huge pain for your client if they are actively writing content. Helping them find images they can use is of great value.

Where do you look to find your images?

The need to create better content is never as important as it is now. How can you find a way to add originality to your articles?

Looking for something?

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