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How to Log Cron Events That Are Run on Your WordPress Site

Log Cron Events - WordPres

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Cron events in WordPress are scheduled tasks that run automatically at specified intervals. These tasks include checking for updates, publishing scheduled posts, sending email notifications, and performing database maintenance.

WordPress’s built-in cron system allows developers to schedule and manage these tasks using the wp_schedule_event function. This function takes three parameters: the time interval, the event hook, and any additional arguments that need to be passed to the hook.

Cron events are an important part of WordPress because they allow developers to automate tasks and ensure that essential processes are run regularly without requiring manual intervention.

Cron Logger WordPress Plugin

If you need to log which cron events are being run on your WordPress site, the suggested solution is to use the Cron Logger plugin.

The Cron Logger plugin, when installed and activated, will add a new submenu item under tools in wp-admin;

Tools > Cron Logger

Cron Logger WordPress Plugin

The Cron Logger plugin works alongside cron control plugins such as WP Crontrol which means that you have both cron event control and cron events being logged on the site and easy access to that information.

WP Crontrol WordPress Plugin

The cron logger plugin uses only one custom database table for the storage of logged cron events;


The cron logger plugin is a simple but well-built solution for logging cron events run on your WordPress site.

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