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Maintenance Extension: Some Cleaning Up

MainWP Improvements

This update is to clean up the look of this Extension and bring it into line with the current MainWP design standards.

404 Email Alerts

We Removed 404 Error Email alerts. Support was receiving too many complaints about the number of emails sent without resolving the 404 problem. So we turned this off for new users. If this is a feature you need, I recommend a plugin dedicated to the problem, such as 404 to 301.

If you had the feature turned on before this release, you still have it available, but I would recommend also using a dedicated plugin.

404 removed

Moved Add Schedule

We moved the add schedule button from the primary Extension header to a button inside the Schedules section.

create new schedule

Header Menu

The header was updated to reflect the other changes, and we removed the 404 Emails section and the Add Schedules section.

Old Header
Previous Header
New Header
New Header

Tool Tips

Added informative tooltips to each form field so you can see what action that field performs without having to check the Knowledge Base.

Tool Tips

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Progress Bar

We added a progress bar to the updating Modal.


Full Changelog:

* Added: Progress bar to the progress indicator modal
* Added: Info messages to each extension page
* Added: Process response for each indicator icon in the progress modal
* Added: Tooltips to all settings fields
* Added: The Add New Schedule button to the Schedules tab
* Added: Sidebar Options section to the top of the sidebar element
* Updated: Removed the 404 Email Notifications feature for new users
* Updated: Removed the Add New Schedule menu item

As always, I want to thank you for your continued support of MainWP.

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