MainWP Branding renamed MainWP White Label

MainWP White Label Extension

We have changed MainWP Branding Extension to MainWP White Label Extension in version 4.1 to better fit in with the current WordPress lexicon.

We also included some visual changes and bug fixes with this update.

Name Change

Of course, the most significant difference is the name change.

White Label Name Change

Note: We have purposely left the slug the same to allow for easy updating.

Tool Tips

Added informative tooltips to each form field so you can see what action that field performs without having to check the Knowledge Base.

Tool Tips

Header Icons

Changed the header icons from all cogs to be more visually representative of the menu item.

Header Icons

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Progress Bar

We added a progress bar to the updating Modal.

Progress Bar

Full Changelog version 4.1:

* Added: Progress bar to the progress indicator modal
* Added: Info messages to each extension page
* Added: Process response for each indicator icon in the progress modal
* Added: Tooltips to all settings fields
* Updated: Extension name changed to MainWP White Label Extension
* Updated: Renamed page navigation menu items
* Updated: Reworded error messages
* Updated: Moved the Save Settings button to left
* Updated: Form field labels letter capitalization
* Updated: Moved the “Visually hide the MainWP Child plugin” option to the top of the page

Review this Knowledge Base article if you are not sure how to update and as always, I want to thank you for your continued support of MainWP.

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