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How to Sync Child Sites by Group

If you want to Sync your Child Sites from just one group at once, there is an easy way to do that: 1. MainWP > Sites > Manage tab 2. From Select a group drop down menu, select which group you want to Sync: 3. Than click the Display button and your Child Sites in that group will be shown: 4. After that you need to check the checkbox to select all sites and in drop down menu select option Sync: 5. The last step is to click Apply button and your Sites will be Synced.

Jump from One Individual Child Dashboard to Another

  If  you want to jump from Individual Child Dashboard to another Individual Child Dashboard, locate in right top corner Jump to drop down menu and chose where you want to go: Just select another Child site and you will be prompted to the wanted page.  

Clean up your Dashboard

On the MainWP Dashboard page you have an option to put your widgets in one, two or more columns. The number of available  columns depends of  your screen resolution. If you want to change the number of columns locate the Screen Options tab in the top right corner:   When you click the Screen Options button available options will appear:   Other than changing the number of columns, you also have option to select which widgets you want to show on your Dashboard: These two useful options will enable you to tailor your Dashboard to your needs.  

How to Change Number of Sites in the Manage Sites Table

By default MainWP dashboard is set to show 20 sites per page on your Manage sites table. If you want to change the number of sites per page,  locate the Screen Options tab in the top right corner and set the wanted number of sites that you want to be on your page:   After setting the number click Apply button and your Dashboard will adjust number of sites:    

Plugins and Themes Table Tips & Tricks

After searching for your plugins (themes), on the bottom of the page you have a list of your sites with a list of all installed plugins (themes): If you click on certain plugin (theme) name in the table header the plugins (themes) will be selected across all your sites: If you click on certain site  in the first column of the table, all plugins (themes) will be selected for that site: [box] In the bottom of the table you have scroll bar to check all your plugins (themes). [/box]  

What does the number in the circle mean in the Status column

Have you ever wondered what does the number in the circle (in the Sites table) means? It indicates the number of currently available updates for that site. This number is the total number of updates, for themes and plugins together. [box] Ignored updates won’t be displayed here. [/box]    

Data Return Options

When you search for posts or pages, by default MainWP Dashboard is set to show maximum 50 posts (pages) from each site. This limitation prevents overloading your servers. If you want to increase this go to the MainWP > Settings page and locate the Data Return Options box. If you set Maximum number of Posts/Pages option, for example to 100, that means that your Dashboard will get only 100 posts (pages) from each site per search. If you want to set this to unlimited, enter 0 and click the Save settings button. [box] CAUTION: transferring large amount of data can

How to Quickly Check Child Site Server Information

If you want to quickly check your child site server information, without of leaving your dashboard site, go to:  MainWP > Server information page  On the far right you will find Child Site Information tab  Select  your site from the dropdown menu When you select your child site, you will see following information: Server Information Cron Schedules WP – Config File Error Log      

Did you know MainWP can install updates for you automatically

  If you want MainWP dashboard to update Plugins and/or Themes automatically for you, you need to enable the Auto Updates feature and to mark plugins (themes) you trust to be automatically updated. Enabling Auto Updates Feature To enable auto updates, go to: MainWP> Settings> Global option tab and locate the Upgrade options box: In Automatic daily update box choose Install Trusted Updates option and click the Save Settings button in the bottom of the page. Marking Plugins (Themes) as trusted [box]Setting a Plugin or Theme as Trusted means that YOU trust this plugin/theme and its developer and are choosing

Switch Updates View Mode

By default updates in the MainWP Dashboard appear in a per plugin view. This means that if you list all your available updates in the right now widget the list will show all your plugins with available updates. You can switch this view and show the updates per site if you prefer. To do this , go to the MainWP > Settings > Global options tab, locked the Upgrade options box and set the View upgrades per site to YES: After switching the view mode your widget will look like this: Updates are now listed per site. Choose the best

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