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MainWP Opens it’s Doors to Third Party Developers


Soon after MainWP had been created, we began to realize just how diverse user needs and requirements can be. While MainWP ships with more features and options than any other WordPress management suite available on the market we do understand there will still be requests for new functionality based on creative niches in each market.

As part of our never ending quest for value and customer satisfaction MainWP’s authors are proud to announce the exciting addition of the MainWP Codex. The Codex and supporting documents are available to any user, and users are encouraged to use the core MainWP functionality to further extend their MainWP’s reach and features.

How to become a MainWP Extension Developer and Seller?!

The development team at Mainwp has made this simple and straight forward. If someone would like to become a MainWP extension developer and sell their extensions in the MainWP marketplace the first step is to become a MainWP member.

The 2nd step is joining the MainWP Marketplace. Just follow the instructions that the MainWP team has put together and you will be a member of the community in no time. If you don’t have experience promoting and selling intangible goods. just take a second to take a look at the quick guide to get you up and running.

The MainWP Team believes in community development and encourage users to create new extensions which can be sold through their marketplace, or used solely to improve the end user’s own personal sites. We believe our openness allows us to grow and fosters a more friendly user community which benefits everyone.

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