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Increase your Site’s Uptime with MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension!


In The Website and Marketing business things can go wrong quickly and you can’t be around 24x7x365 to monitor sites and servers yourself. Here is where the MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor extension becomes a valuable asset. With the MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor extension, you will be alerted to any downtime within minutes. We all know time is money, and if your site is down you are losing money, leads and potential revenue..

MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor has been developed to run on the  Uptime Robot API. Your sites are checked every five minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Check Keywords, Response times, HTTP Status codes, or open ports.  This free service is on par with and even ahead of many paid services. Regardless of the reason, Advanced Uptime Monitor will alert you to any downtime via email allowing you to get back online.  Many of our users manage multiple sites for multiple clients.  With The Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension you can send an alert to a new or existing user.  This means you can notify one or all of your technical/development team, your client or anyone else that may need to know.

MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor Setup

This Extension is a WordPress plugin, and installs the same as any other plugin, but it won’t work without the MainWP plugin If you don’t have it installed yet sign up now!!. Once installed and activated you will need to enable  it in the MainWP  Extensions page.


After enabling the extension, click the Settings icon and enter your Uptime Robot API key.


If you don’t have have an API key, follow the provided link and sign-up for your free account. This quick tutorial will guide you through the signup process and you will be ready to use the extension in no time.

Start adding your sites by using  the Add Monitor button.


In the popup window, enter a Site Name, Site URL, select email addresses for notifications and select the monitor type. When done hit the Create button.


If you want to add child sites from your network, use the Load Child Sites option, this will speed up the process.



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