How to help your business customers use more digital marketing during the Coronavirus outbreak

No doubt, we’ve hit some kind of global crisis in life and in business. With the emergence of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have seen conferences, sporting events, and large gatherings, in general, to decide to cancel events.

Businesses are playing it safe and not spending money. I have heard other business owners talk about how their clients are not spending money during this crisis. Other companies are asking workers to work from home.

The COVID-19 has affected our lives and our businesses and, ultimately, the economy. 

Wednesday night, I was watching my beloved Razorbacks play in the first round of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) men’s basketball tournament. The game followed the announcement from the President about steps to deal with the virus.

During the game, it came across the scroll that the NBA was suspending its season. That’s pretty important.

Additionally, various college basketball conferences such as the SEC began announcing that games would continue without fans.

Political candidates are even canceling events. Several WordPress companies have announced they are not traveling or having celebrations due to the outbreak.

With this crisis, we may find more of our clients looking at various ways to work without being in public. 

To be sure, some have must-show types of jobs and businesses, but many will be looking for ways to mitigate contact with others.

We can help your clients adjust a little more to the digital life because we, after all, have the most experience with this type of working environment.

It’s not just about being socially distant.  Today, I’m going to discuss three ways you can help businesses use more digital marketing during this time.

Embrace the use of more digital marketing which includes a mindset shift

Photo by Launchpresso from Pexels

For your client to use more digital marketing going forward, there is a mindset change that has to take place. The difference is exactly what Seth Godin talks about in his book Permission Marketing.

There is a fundamental difference between how to do marketing before the digital age. Marketing in the previous area was all about broadcasting your message to the masses.

Therefore, the tactics used were channels like flyers, TV commercials, newspaper ads, magazine ads, cold calling, telemarketing, and radio ads. You get the picture.

In almost all cases, there is an interruption of each person’s time. Think about the last time someone approached you this way. How did you feel?

To embrace digital marketing, your client will need to utilize a more permission marketing approach. They will need to spend time interacting online. They cannot ignore people on their social media channels who interact with you. If they do, they will lose them pretty quickly.

Engagement is currency online, and your client will need to embrace this. 

Digital marketing is not merely marketing done online. There is an entirely different mindset.

Utilize more digital campaigns

Now is the time to utilize more digital campaigns. Whether it is setting up a simple funnel, using Facebook ads, or an email campaign, this is the best time to use digital campaigns.

Many of their customers will likely be home as well. And as digital marketers, we can help them walk through the process.

Maybe they should make some adjustments to their website copy or A/B test some elements. Those are all things we can help them do. 

After all, many will not be able to attend that industry conference where they were going to marketing. 

No problem, we can help them—no reason to stop marketing because, with digital, we can keep marketing.

Help them adopt tools for digital collaboration


If there is one thing where we are experts, that is collaboration tools. We use them all the time, all day long, every day.

This might be a new area for our clients. Once again, we can help. 

Show your clients the tools you use. Show them how to use Zoom, Google Drive, your favorite project management tool, and anything else they may need to use.

This can all be done for a consulting fee. Your client wins, and you win.

They may need you to help set up like something like Basecamp or Asana. Perhaps you love Trello, help them get started.

Show them how to use Zoom to take a sales or client call. Zoom is so easy to use. 

Maybe your client could benefit from using the suite by Zoho. Zoho has a whole suite of tools that anyone can use to help run their business.

Can your client benefit from using a Customer Relationship Manager? Help them find a tool that will work best for them.

One thing you could do is a live online workshop to introduce your favorite tools to your customers. This can be delivered, of course, using Zoom, Streamyard, or Youtube Live. 

At the end of your presentation, have a landing page where your customers can sign up for digital tool consulting. 

Your clients will become more efficient and will thank you.

Wrapping it up

Platitudes can be trite; I know that as well as anyone. “Turn that smile upside down” and “making lemonade when life gives you lemons” just seems so ingenuine, but in a time like this, we have to find the positive.

I am not suggesting we embrace this tragedy, but I am suggesting that we all come together as one people and find answers to help each other during this time.

Helping your clients transition to digital a little more can be invaluable for a long-term relationship.

After all, fewer people are more qualified to help businesses become more digital than companies who work in digital every day.

A simple proactive email may go a long way. You may give them something they haven’t thought about, and, after all, you have permission to send them emails.

So, go one, send the email.

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