Elementor raises $15M, future of WordCamp is in limbo and more in this month’s roundup

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Over two months into 2020 and we have already had some hair raising news in the WordPress kingdom. Elementor may win the award for the most jaw-dropping story when they received a nice amount of funding.

Today we talk about the fact that Elementor raises $15M, and Jeff Chandler launches a new project. Additionally, we discuss the future of WordCamps in 2020.

Buckle up.

Jeff Chandler launches WP Mainline

Jeff Chandler was the founder and longtime editor for WP Tavern. A few months ago, he left after being part of the site for over a decade.

People also know him from his regular podcasts WP Weekly.

After being absent for six months, Chandler is back with a new project, WP Mainline.

On the About page he says,

“This site is a collection of commentary, news, and community related to WordPress. It’s a place where people can gather to build each other up instead of tearing each other down. I enjoy watching trains as a hobby thus the many visual and text references to trains throughout the site.”

Earlier this year, I predicted a new news site would arise in WordPress. It looks like Jeff is ready to give it a shot. He says,

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“I’m also interested in seeing if there are enough individuals and businesses in the WordPress space that can and will support another independent WordPress news/community outlet. The landscape is a lot different today than it was in 2009 when I launched the Tavern. The WordPress economy is likely in the millions of dollars if not more. We’ll have to see if I can get a little slice of that pie.”

With various WordPress products and Automattic itself, receiving a shot of cash investments, he may be right.

Elementor raises $15M

Speaking of investments, Elementor has entered the space. The popular WordPress page builder recently received an investment of $15M from Lightspeed Venture Partners.

What will they do with that money? I’m glad you asked. According to the announcement on their website,

“With Lightspeed’s backing, we plan to grow our operational capabilities and support our expanding community on the local and global levels. We intend to bolster our online training and learning programs, strengthen our infrastructures, and recruit more talent.” Source

Bowe Frankema of Dollie speculates that Elementor will move more to a SaaS model. He makes a compelling case here.

Brian Krogsgard also made this point.

“I expect to see a fully hosted version of Elementor’s site building capabilities where WordPress is (at least partially) hidden from the view of the user.” He points out that Elemntor is actually hiring for their cloud team. Source

Remember the prediction I made about a new source? I made another one regarding page builders. I said there would be a peak. Few more will be created; however, ones like Elementor will continue to evolve.

I said, “Sure, a new one might come along, but it will have to compete with page builders that have matured and generated a community.”

Well played, Elementor. The community will only get stronger for them as they continue to mature.

WordCamp future for 2020

One thing I could not predict was an emerging health crisis. Every day it seems like we hear more news about the Coronavirus known as COVID-19.

The virus has already affected the WordPress community. It started with the cancellation of WordCamp Asia.

This week, WordCamp DC was canceled. The WordCamp was scheduled for March 27-29.

Other WordCamps canceled or rescheduled include Geneva (postponed) and Soltau, Germany (canceled).

WordCamp Europe is paying attention to this as well. The conference takes place during the month of June in Portugal.

Justin Tadlock has a good summary of the situation at WPTavern.

Disabling related Youtube videos

I was working on a project recently where I embed a Youtube video into a WordPress site. No problems, right?

Yes, you are right.

However, I noticed something when the video was finished. There were a bunch of “related” videos that Youtube was suggested.

I thought to myself, “I remember this; you just go into the embed and click a box.”

So, I went in to do that, and the box wasn’t there anymore. Wait, what?

It seems sometime back Youtube disabled this feature. Great.

Something’s always changing. Can I get an “amen.”

So, there is a little piece of code you can add to disable related videos. While it no longer completely disables related videos, it does recommend videos from a related channel.

So, if you have a Youtube Channel and embedding a video, it will recommend videos from your channel.

You simply add this bit of code “?rel=0” to your iframe source, and Youtube will show videos from the same channel.

It would look something like this (from a MainWP video):

Youtube embed code
Youtube embed code


Suggested videos
Suggested videos

So, you can’t completely hide related videos from an embed, but with that bit of code, you can have videos from your channel suggested.

You can see a complete summary, including how to use the code and a plugin at this blog post.

If you are embedding other videos, you may want to consider a more robust plugin.

This is great for me because I have a show on Youtube, and when I embed the code, it will show related videos when they are finished watching.

Wrapping it up

Elementor raises $15M meaning the future for the popular page builder has possibilities. However, the future may be in limbo for WordCamps in 2020.

The future of news in the WordPress community may change as well. There is definitely a need for a more independent news source.

Are you an Elementor user? What are your thoughts about the funding? Let us know in the MainWP Users Facebook Group or in the MainWP users community.

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