How to Remove the All in One SEO Plugin Data on Your WordPress Website

Remove Unused All in One SEO Plugin Data

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The All in One SEO is a commonly used SEO plugin with 3+ million active installs. If you want to migrate to a different SEO plugin, you should migrate the existing SEO and delete the previous plugin’s stored data.

All in One SEO - WordPress Plugin

If you are migrating to the Rank Math SEO plugin, it supports the All in One SEO plugin data migration.

The All in One SEO plugin uses the following database tables for data storage;


All in One SEO plugin allows you to remove ALL AIOSEO data upon plugin deletion. Make sure the “Uninstall AIOSEO” is enabled before deleting the plugin.

All in One SEO > General Settings > Advanced

All in One SEO - Uninstall Plugion

You can confirm that the options and custom database tables have been deleted by checking the tables in a plugin such as WP-Optimize or hosts-provided applications such as phpMyAdmin.

Here are the two database Options that might be left over after uninstalling the All in One SEO plugin;


The above Options can be removed using a plugin such as SQL Buddy or phpMyAdmin. Dealing with data migration and cleanup is always worth doing when replacing or removing plugins, so you don’t have to deal with unused data later on.

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