How to Remove the Broken Link Checker Plugin Data on Your Site

Remove Broken Link Plugin Data

If you are using the Broken Link Checker plugin on your site, it may cause resource and CPU issues on the hosting server.

Broken Link Checker

The blc_installation_log option could get as large as 1MB with 50kb of autoloading data if you have many posts on the site.

The options values that the Broken Link Checker plugin uses are;


The Broken Link Checker plugin uses the following database tables to store the data;


The database tables should be removed when you deactivate and uninstall the plugin. However, if they still exist, you can use a plugin such as WP-Optimize or a tool like phpMyAdmin to remove the Broken Link Checker database tables. The phpMyAdmin application is provided by most hosts and should not be hard to access.

To find and delete the Broken Link Checker database tables using the WP-Optimize:

WP-Optimize > Database > Tables

WP-Optimize > Database > Tables

Searching for “broken” will find the four database tables the plugin uses, which can be removed from the page.

WP-Optimize > Database > Tables

The options that the Broken Link Checker plugin sets and uses will not be removed automatically when the plugin is uninstalled, so those options will need to be manually removed from the site.

The options can be deleted from wp-admin using a plugin such as Database Access with Adminer or phpMyAdmin. Then you would need to search for the Broken Link Checker options and delete them from the options database table.

Keeping bloat out of your site’s database means easier database cleanups, and it is always good practice to remove data that is no longer being used on the site.

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2 thoughts on “How to Remove the Broken Link Checker Plugin Data on Your Site”

  1. Why doesn’t Automattic make it compulsory for ALL plugins to give us an option to delete these database tables automatically when we choose to delete the plugins? Why is it up to the users, most of whom wouldn’t even be aware of this practice, to delete the data ourselves, and risk blowing up the database and website?

    This is something that has pissed me off for years!


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