How to Remove the WPCode Plugin Data on Your Site

Remove WPCode WordPress Plugin Data

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The WPCode plugin is a commonly used plugin for adding code snippets into the header and footer of your WordPress site but for some reason, you may want to move to a different code snippets plugin.

In that case, you need to export the existing code snippets, add the existing code snippets into site-specific, or import them into the different code snippets plugin.

WPCode - WordPress Plugin

To export existing code snippets, navigate to;

Code Snippets > Tools > Export

WPCode - WordPress Plugin

To delete the stored code snippets in the WPCode plugin, you will need to delete those in wp-admin;

Code Snippets > Code Snippets

WPCode - WordPress Plugin

Additionally, you can also remove them from your website’s database. The stored code snippets are stored as a custom post type named;


The options that the WPCode plugin uses are named;


Following these steps will help you remove any of the WPCode data stored in your site’s database and keep your site free of any extra bloat.

Incremental cleanup of plugin data is much easier if you handle each plugin change rather than waiting to make a bigger data cleanup in the site’s database.

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