Using the FluentCRM plugin on your Child Sites

There is a new marketing and CRM solution for WordPress called FluentCRM. FluentCRM has all of the features which you would inspect to be in SaaS CRM solutions.

After you have installed and activated the FluentCRM plugin on your site it will walk you through the setup wizard.

After you have completed through the setup wizard you can get started by importing your existing contacts or if needed to create new lists, tags, or use dynamic segments.

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It is straightforward to create automation funnels in FluentCRM. The free version of FluentCRM supports being able to use categories from WordPress or Fluent Forms. In the pro version of FluentCRM you can use categories from WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LifterLMS, Paid Membership Pro, or AffiliateWP.

The power in the automation funnels that are created in the benchmark or trigger block. An example of a benchmark would be a new order received in WooCommerce. You can target specific products or product categories from WooCommerce. Even more granular control can be given in the funnel action blocks or within funnel trigger. A few examples in the funnel action blocks would be wait X number of days before the automation is sent or send out a sequence of emails.

FluentCRM includes features such as email campaign management, contact segmentation, email sequencing, automation email funnels, and granular reporting.

FluentCRM integrates with the following plugins;

Easy Digital Downloads
Fluent Forms
Paid Membership Pro
Uncanny Automator (Coming Soon)

FluentCRM works with any SMTP service such as MailGun, SendGrid, Amazon SES, or any of the other transactional email providers. Since all emails from FluentCRM will be sent using the wp_mail function. There should be a new plugin called Fluent SMTP which will be released later in October 2020.

Make sure that you go through all of the global settings in FluentCRM to make sure that you cover all of the settings within the plugin.

FluentCRM offers loads of integrations and automation funnel options for being able to target site users with email campaigns and automated email sequencing.

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