Using the Ultimate Dashboard Plugin for Cleaner Client Dashboards

Keeping your client sites’ wp-admin clean from extra admin menu items and dashboard widgets can be a pain to have to clean up. There is an easy to use plugin called Ultimate Dashboard.

After you have installed and activated the plugin it will add a new menu;

Ultimate Dashboard

The Ultimate Dashboard plugin includes a massive number of options from admin menu editor, changing which admin dashboard widgets show or are hidden. You can even white-label the admin to make it look custom.

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The 3rd party admin dashboard widgets control is included in the pro version of the Ultimate Dashboard as well as setting the global order of those dashboard widgets.

Some of the more interesting features include being able to set a default page builder and template per user role.

It is also possible to create custom admin dashboard widgets using the widget options that the Ultimate Dashboard plugin provides. Another handy feature is being able to create custom admin pages. Using the customizer you can also modify the look of the login page on the site.

Any of the custom dashboard widgets that you create and save can be exported out to a JSON file and then can be imported to another site that is using the plugin.

The Ultimate Dashboard site includes a decent number of help articles that cover all of the features and settings that the free version of the plugin and pro version of the plugin provide.

So if you are looking for a solid plugin that makes it easy to customize wp-admin for clients, a cleaner wp-admin will make it easier for clients to find their way around.

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