Why should you run your MainWP dashboard site on Vultr using Cloudways?

MainWP on Vultr using Cloudways

Cloudways is a solid option to use for WordPress site hosting. In this example, we are going to use it for hosting a MainWP dashboard site. You want to use a separate server for hosting your MainWP dashboard site, so that the server or servers you are using for your client/customer sites do not have to share resources.

    1. Go to login into Cloudways.


    1. From Servers.


    1. The cheapest-priced option is based on only 2GB of RAM.


    1. If you feel like you will need more RAM and server space, then you can go up a plan.


    1. Launch the server. Then it will take 13 mins or so for the new server to be ready.


    1. This is after the server is ready.


    1. Click on the new server and you can view the master creds and access a number of other sections.


    1. From Settings & Packages, these are some basic recommended changes to make.


    1. From the Advanced section, a few more recommended changes to make.


    1. Next, these are the recommended packages.


    1. We are going to access the application that was created now.


    1. You can view the application access details. This will show the temp URL, along with the admin user information, along with MySQL creds as well.


    1. Login into the URL using the admin panel creds, then go in and install the MainWP dashboard plugin.


  1. Now you can go through and connect the sites you would like the manage using MainWP.

The Technical Part

So we are going to test how long it takes to update 30 and 100 child sites (connected sites in the MainWP dashboard), but going to run this on the cheapest priced Vultr server using Cloudways.

Child Sites

Installed Themes Active Plugins (available updates)
Storefront (Active) Akismet Anti-Spam (> 4.0)
OceanWP (Iniactive) Breeze (> 1.0.9)
Astra (Iniactive) Caldera Forms (> 1.5.9)
Hello Dolly (> 1.5)
Jetpack by wordpress.com (> 5.9)
MainWP Child (> 3.4.7)
WooCommerce(> 3.3.2)

MainWP Dashbaord Site

Installed Themes Installed Plugins
Twenty Seventeen (Active) Block Bad Queries (BBQ)
Clean Admin Dashboard
Disable Comments
Disable Embeds
Disable Emojis
Disable jQuery Migrate
Disable XML-RPC
Header Cleanup
Heartbeat Control
MainWP Dashboard
Remove Query Strings
REST API Toolbox

Settings being used in MainWP > Settings > Advanced Options.

So those default values can be changed out using wp option update.

Or those option values could be set in a MainWP must-use plugin.

Cloudways Vultr Testing Results

Default server settings – 100 child sites

  • 4 mins 58 seconds to install those plugins.
  • 1 mins 50 seconds to sync.
  • 4 mins 35 seconds plugin update time.

With server settings changed – 100 child sites

  • 5 mins to install those plugins.
  • 1 min 55 seconds to sync.
  • 4 mins 40 seconds plugin update time.

With server settings changed – 30 child sites

  • 2 mins 10 seconds to install those plugins.
  • 34 seconds to sync.
  • 1 mins 25 seconds plugin update time.

Server Resources

Server resources use using htop during those different timed runs.

  • Install the outdated plugins 40-80% CPU usage.
  • Sync the 30 child sites 11-40% CPU usage.
  • Update 6 plugins per 30 child sites 5-30% CPU usage.

Memory usage did not top out over 440MB of the 1GB RAM during any of those three different runs for common MainWP tasks.

CPU after any of these runs returned back down to 5-10% and memory returned back down to 320MB and under.

So a MainWP dashboard being used on a 1GB RAM server on Vultr, will be able to handle pretty much anything MainWP can throw at it.

Why use Vultr on Cloudways?

So far we have shown you how to create a new server and application that uses Vultr on Cloudways, then install the MainWP dashboard plugin on the new MainWP dashboard site.

The reason for hosting your MainWP dashboard site with Cloudways is you get a custom, easy-to-use panel to manage everything you would need on the site. You are also able to use the rock solid infrastructure of Vultr, so you end up with the best of both worlds. You can rest easy knowing that your MainWP dashboard site is on a solid platform and will be performing well, which will allow you to focus on keeping those client/customer sites updated and maintained. The biggest plus factor in using Cloudways with Vutlr is that it is very well-priced and cost effective.

12 thoughts on “Why should you run your MainWP dashboard site on Vultr using Cloudways?”

  1. The cheapest price server is i think Digital Ocean 1GB on CloudWays not Vultr?

    Also i don’t understand what’s the advantage of using vultr over Digital Ocean?

  2. I’m a CloudWays customer. However, I use all Digital Ocean servers as of now. I’m thinking of using 1GB DO server for mainwp, Isn’t it sufficient?

    • If you want to use Digital Ocean on Cloudways, then go for it. I would try Vultr on Cloudways you will be impressed on the performance.

  3. MainWp is the best, However is there any issue if i run it on Shared Hosting like GoDaddy Managed WP? They are offering a very good deal like ~$15 for 1 year. What issue i may face?

    • Pricing is so cheap now for having your own VPS instead of using high density shared hosting, then cost now should not even been a factor. You can run MainWP on GoDaddy hosted sites, but you are limiting on the performance gains you will be able to get on hosting it on say Cloudways then using Vultr.

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