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10 content promotion strategies to increase traffic to your website

Content Promotion Strategies

Today we are going to explore ten different content promotion strategies that can help increase traffic to your website. 

Creating compelling content is only part of the battle to get traffic to your website. Your content has to have a distribution strategy, mostly known as a content promotion strategy, to get readers to your blog.

Today we are going to explore ten different content promotion strategies that can help increase traffic to your website.

1. Social Triggers

Social trigger is a method that queues visitors to share your blog post through various channels such as social media, forums, and emails.

There are three ways you can execute a social triggers strategy: social media buttons, click to tweet, and Social Viral Loop.

One way to execute social triggers is to include sharing buttons on your blog posts.

These sharing buttons give the user the push needed to share your post while handling much of the technology for the user.

Another social trigger is click-to-tweet or click-to-share technology.

A viral loop is a strategy that allows users to access upgraded or premium content for a social share. Each time a user comes to access the content, they, in turn, have to share the content creating a loop of perpetual shares.

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2. Outreach Email

Reaching out by email is still effective. Outreach email helps you connect with those in your industry who can help expand the reach of your blog post. Often, outreach email is a technique that is often combined with influencer marketing. Nevertheless, the recipients of your email do not have to be major influencers, but it does help that you have influencers in outreach audience. There are three areas to pay attention to when performing an outreach email campaign.

Go Deep

Make sure you understand what it is you are accomplishing. There are lot nuances when emailing others, especially influencers. Mary Fernandez has a terrific breakdown in 11 Tricks for Sending Effective Outreach Emails a the OptinMonster blog.


You will need to do some planning so that you aren’t just spraying intermittent emails to various people. Some of the things you need to think about are your audience, your email format (or template), how you will track the emails, and what your end goal is going to be. Additionally, you should spend time building a relationship with people before asking for assistance in promoting your post.


There are tools available for email outreach, and it might be worth considering. Many of those tools are created for sales outreach and come with larger pricing. I have been using MailShake for a while, and it is ideal for smaller agencies. There are many other tools to help in your influencer outreach.

Screenshot: Mailshake.com
Screenshot: Mailshake.com – not Milkshake

3. Guest Posts

Guest posts still have value. After all, you do get links back to your site (backlinks), and if you get published at a blog with lots of traffic and interaction, you get a jolt of traffic to your website. Using guest posts on various high-level sites can help you build a higher amount of traffic over time.

Spend a little time researching some “how-to’s” of guest blogging and create your own plan. Get your name, and even more, your blog noticed in other areas.

Here are a few resources worth reading;

4. Be a Guest on a Podcast

I like to listen to podcasts, but I have a hard time listening to them regularly. For many people, listening to podcasts is a regular part of their day. They listen to podcasts like I listen to Spotify. That ain’t no joke either.

Podcasts aren’t slowing down either. Consider what AdAge says

After little more than a decade of experimentation and maturation, podcasting has hit its stride. Recent years have seen the medium steadily gain extraordinary traction with listeners, creators and brands. With 57 million Americans listening monthly (up 23%, year on year), the potential for podcasting’s star to rise through content, discovery, monetization and technology is strong.1

Right now, there are several popular WordPress podcasts, but what about the industry that is your niche? What industry do you work with in your business? There are probably several there as well.

5. Publish a book or build software

I remember almost a decade ago when I was beginning to figure out WordPress. I picked up a copy of a huge book on WordPress by Lisa Sabin-Wilson. Sabin-Wilson was one of the first person’s of influence that I learned about in the WordPress space. She wrote the book. Sabin-Wilson is now the co-owner of one of the largest WordPress agencies.

What if you wrote the book for your industry? What if you wrote the book for WordPress in your area of expertise?

What if you developed a piece of software to help solve a need in your industry?

In addition to these, giving speeches and presentations can elevate your authority and help build outreach to your blog.

Asian woman drinking coffee in vintage color tone
Publish and be the cool kid, with authority

6. Engage naturally in forums and on Q&A sites

Most of us participate in forums or Facebook groups. It becomes a natural way to build relationships and also help build authority. You can usually tell who is more experienced in a forum or group. They are the ones who offer help and really have good ideas that stand out.

The key to this process is to do this naturally. People can usually tell if you are overly salesy and you will be ignored, or in some cases, be banned from the group.

Many of these groups and forums will usually offer a time to promote your work which you can take advantage.

7. Learn from growth hackers

Growth hackers are one part science and one part art. They are masters at growing an audience for a software product with a leaner budget.

They travel in packs and have some excellent techniques you can learn from to build an audience for your blog.

They have lots of good content and their own groups and forums in which you can hang out and learn. Be aware of your context if you decide to try some techniques.

8. Start a podcast

Do you have something to say? Do you enjoy interviewing other entrepreneurs or developers? Launching your own podcast can help elevate you as an influencer and build an audience to your blog.

Here are some guides to get you going:

Start a podcast
Start a podcast

9. Spend Money

Spending money to get more traffic is not unusual for many bloggers. There are a few ways to make money work for your traffic.

Social Media

Every social media platform will let you spend money to post ads. Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn, and Instagram all have ad platforms.


Pay per click has been around about as long as the internet itself with Google being the top dog.

Content Discovery Platform

At the bottom of many posts on high performing blogs are ads for blog posts. These types of ads are called a Content Discovery Platform. Outbrain, one you may have heard of, is one of the largest platforms.

10. Republish on other mediums

Republishing to other article mediums is a good way to pick up on additional traffic.  There are a couple of places that are frequently used to get content to more readers. Be careful to observe the do’s and don’ts when republishing.


One of the best places to consider republishing your content is Medium.


Another place to republish your content is LinkedIn. LinkedIn Pulse has given a huge platform for folks to republish their content and get a big traffic boost. Wordstream’s Larry Kim gives the lowdown on how to hack the LinkedIn Pulse Algorithm.


Creating your top performing and engaging blog post is just the beginning. It is tough to get your message out, but embarking on some kind of outreach will help.

What techniques and strategies do you use to grow your blog traffic?

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