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2017 year in review business article roundup

year in review 2017

This past year, we created some articles that will help you grow your WordPress business. We thought we would roundup some of the top business posts in three areas email marketing, having a subscription maintenance business, and running your freelance business.

This is a year in review roundup for 2017 relating to freelance business.

Email Marketing

One of the things I wanted to do in 2017 is write articles about email marketing. Email marketing is an integral part of running an online business and building an email list.

Now you can convert email subscribers and make more money

Emails are critical for retailers. You have a huge list, you send out engaging emails telling of a sale, etc., and here come your customers. It happens all the time, and it worked for Borders too.The digital service industry can also utilize emails. Think, if you will, what is your favorite email to receive? Which is the one you read no matter what?But how can you convert those on your list to sales? Today we are going to discuss three foundations to convert email readers to customers. Before we dive in, there are a few caveats.  Read more

Grow your email list: 8 resources to help

So, you have decided that you do, indeed, need to have an email list. Maybe you have decided to create a simple email course, or you are just ready to kick off your email marketing plan. If you aren’t careful, the task can seem overwhelming.As you get started, you might want to decide on a technique for growing your email list. Today’s article will help you find some relevant resources to beginning digging into email list growth strategies.I have compiled eight of the best guides for growing your email list complete with a takeaway and a little information about the blog and author.  Read more

Growing your email list: Five Case Studies

This past month, if you haven’t noticed, we have talked about email marketing at the MainWP blog. We talked about reasons to grow an email list, resources to help you grow your email list and how you can better convert your emails to customers.In this post, we are going to visit five case studies that discuss a technique used to grow their email list. The number may not be typical, but the techniques can be applied quickly and you will begin to see an increase in sign ups. You will need to be consistent and patient. You will also need to have traffic to find subscribers.  Read more

7 Tips for starting email marketing

A good email marketing plan is like a story. The emails will be impactful, personal, and memorable.We get too caught up in the specifics of an email marketing campaign and forget what we are doing. We forget the point for our campaign.The point of our email marketing campaign is to nurture our relationship with our tribe. Tell better stories.  Read more

Subscription Maintenance

The MainWP toolset can help you run your own WordPress maintenance business. Using WooCommerce, you can launch your maintenance business with a little investment. Need a reason to offer a maintenance service, the other article gives you “bulletproof reasons” to offer that service.

MainWP plus WooCommerce Subscriptions is a maintenance machine

Ever wondered how you can build a self-contained WordPress maintenance machine to add an additional revenue stream?WooCommerce combined with MainWP can be used to complete the loop of a self-contained WordPress maintenance business with the help of WooCommerce’s Subscriptions plugin. Here at MainWP, we provide the goods to help website developers build a WordPress Care service and help them build an extra revenue stream.  Read more

7 bulletproof reasons to offer WordPress care packages

Many WordPress Entrepreneurs, of course, handle maintenance for their own customers. They stay on top of the technology updates and provide a valuable service for their clients.Is it time for you to offer a plan for your clients?Even a simple keeping the site upgraded would go a long way to building trust with your client and provide you with another revenue source.Some clients will not want the service, but having them to opt out might be a good way for them to not make you responsible for their website.There are a plethora of reasons to offer this service to your clients.  Read more

Running your WordPress Freelance Business

Running your freelance business can difficult to navigate and hard to know where to go for resources to run your business more smoothly. These five articles were written to help with some of these more challenging areas of running a WordPress freelance business in mind.

Escaping the freelance pricing trap and becoming a business

Pricing, of course, is one of the biggest issues that freelancers have. Over the years various phrases such as passive revenue and value-based pricing have received popularity.Another factor freelancers face is the market itself. What will the market bear? We’ve all heard that question.If you are considered an expert, usually, you are beyond some of these issues.Today we are going to discuss four examples of escaping the freelance pricing trap.  Read more

How to not get stiffed on a project proposal

For freelancers, the request for proposal is one of the most exhilarating things he or she gets early in his or her career. After all, you have the prospect of work and it legitimizes what you are doing.  Read more

A plethora of resources for being a better WordPress freelancer

When is the last time someone new to this self-employed, freelance world ask your advice?I have had this to happen before, and it always bemuses me. These freelancers look at me as someone who is “doing it” and think that somehow I have the answers when, often, I have more questions than answers.I am by no means some uber-successful freelancer, but I am doing okay. Everyone’s situation is different so what is successful for one is not for the other. Today, I am going to share a letter I am writing to Freelancer Fred, fictional of course. You may have to put on your imagination cap.  Read more

How to improve your freelancer skills with these resources

This business that we are in is related to online business. We do business online, so, you will need to be adept in online marketing.Areas that are often a little foreign to developers include Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing and social media marketing.I hope to provide you with some resources that will help you learn more about these areas.  Read more

Three tips for WordPress freelancers finding a niche

It is a continuous struggle for many of us, especially those that are just starting out.And, I believe, we overthink this problem.So, I am going to go over some things I have discovered and learned (from experts) along the way. I am going to say what I think about the subject and give you a chance to disagree with me in the comments. That’s how we learn, right?  Read more

Wrapping it up

We hope you had a great 2017! We are less than a week from a new year and we wish you the best in 2018. We look forward to MainWP being a big part of your successful 2018.

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