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3 Reasons: Writing a blog for your WordPress Web Care business

3 reasons writing a blog

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Today we discuss 3 Reasons for writing a blog for your WordPress Web Care business.

In the 2022 edition of the MainWP Web Care Survey, when we asked about writing a consistent blog, only 10.7% of our respondents said yes. The other approximately 90% said No or that they are trying.

And look, I understand. As a WordPress Web Care consultant,  you are busy doing actual web care for your customers.

There are definitely some challenges and time is probably at the top of your list.

You can, of course, hire an agency like The BlogSmith to handle this part of your marketing, but you realize it is not cheap for good content marketers. 

There are other challenges. 

There are changes. Lots of changes.

After all, the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are dominated by bigger, more established companies.

Therefore, you need a pretty good reason to invest your time and your money into blogging.

The goal of business, after all, is to get customers, take care of the customers, and increase your profit.

How in the world can content marketing fit into that? 

And, most people understand, it takes lots of work and time for content marketing to generate benefits, especially for smaller service based businesses.

But, I want to suggest some reasons you want to use content marketing that will make sense to you.

So, why use content marketing and start writing a blog?

Customer Focused Content

1) Frequently asked questions. 

This can be a huge help for you. In fact, when I give advice about using content, and people want to know about topics, the first thing I mention is write your 25 most asked questions.

These questions may or may not be related to how-to topics. Often they have to do with your process, your services, and your pricing. 

Most companies have a FAQ page (and you should!). FAQ pages have Schema markup you can use to signal to Google and the search engines what the page is for. Leverage those answers into deeper blog posts with more staying power.

2) Support.

Support is pretty closely aligned with your frequently asked questions. Are there things you can show your customers how to do with a well-done tutorial? Then that can be an excellent piece of content to create. 

It can be a written tutorial or a video, or both. In fact, my recommendation is to do a video tutorial and extract the transcript for the written. Make sure you take the time to format the written text for easier consumption.

Man With Headphones Facing Computer Monitor
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-with-headphones-facing-computer-monitor-845451/

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is tricky. It isn’t easy to accomplish. Many will presume this is about SEO and, to some extent, that is definitely the case.

After about 24 years of Google Search Results, backlinks still matter.

There are lots of ways to accomplish backlinks and, often, they just aren’t easy. Google, we know, has found ways to crack down on spammy methods of backlinks.

Naturally, you need relevant keywords. There are so many variables, but it is clear that solid backlinks will boost your rankings quickly.

But brand awareness isn’t just about keywords and backlinks. After all, before the internet, companies engaged in brand awareness. But I digress.

There are some strong tactics that most businesses can use to increase brand awareness using their content.

“Create once, distribute forever,” is the mantra of Ross Simmonds of Foundation Inc. 

Ross Simmonds Tweet
Ross Simmonds Tweet

There is an increasing belief that publishing often is not the best course for most companies anymore. 

Spend more time creating the content, making it thorough, using strong indicators of good content, and then use that to create smaller content that you can distribute on various platforms across the web. 

In other words, you don’t have to publish weekly. Service business may not have to publish monthly, but that is a good frequency to aspire to.

But, we should always try to make that content as good as we can. 

Then, distribute your content. Get your content in the inboxes of influencers, or as Rand Fishkin calls them, potential amplifiers.  

“These potential amplifiers are one of several audiences you should be targeting content toward in the creation and conception phase. They’re the group with the greatest ability to help build your content flywheel, and thus, I often recommend making them the biggest target for your content efforts.” Source: SparkToro

I share his quote so you can get an idea of what Fishkin is talking about, but for web care consultants, I’m not convinced your main target should be “potential amplifiers,” but they definitely should be considered. 

In summary, backlinks and distribution of your blog can help you increase your brand awareness.

Same bottles full of soft drink
Photo by Karolina Grabowska: https://www.pexels.com/photo/same-bottles-full-of-soft-drink-4389675/

Cultivate community.

Cultivating community among your customers goes hand in hand with the other two reasons. 

You can certainly do that with customer focused content, as well as appealing to those who help spread your brand.

How can you cultivate your community?

Talk about topics that resonate with your community. 

One thing you can talk about are the things that drive you in business, your purpose, and your values.

Your purpose and values will likely be the same or almost the same as your customers. After all, that is why they like you and work with you. That phenomenon is called Brand Values Alignment and younger consumers, especially, are more in tuned to values. 

Talk about and introduce your team to your audience. Look, I’m not saying to talk about yourself all the time. No one likes that.

What I am talking about is letting your customers and your audience know you are not a business robot but a real person, and a business made up of real people.

What else?

Introduce members of your community to the rest of your community. 

By that, I believe in creating customer success stories. You can format it how you like, but sharing the success of your customers, as well as challenges, will go a long way in strengthening your community.

Use storytelling here to help with each of these. 

Do you have a purpose or a value? Share a story about why this is important to you and your team.

Having a good business blog can help cultivate your community.

Sharing your values, your people and even the success of other customers can help cultivate your community.

Diverse young people gathering in studio
Photo by Matheus Bertelli: https://www.pexels.com/photo/diverse-young-people-gathering-in-studio-3856029/

Wrapping it up

Running a blog for your business can be extremely different. If you try to write something weekly, you may struggle to have the capacity.

It is, however, an important endeavor so that you can create community, brand awareness, and help support your customers.

Do you have a blog for your WordPress Web Care business? Let us know in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

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