🥳 MainWP 4.4 Released with UI/UX Improvements, Guided Tours, & a New Extension!

Introducing MainWP 4.4

📢 I’m thrilled to announce that MainWP 4.4 has been released, featuring significant improvements to the user interface and experience, newly introduced Guided Tours, enhanced management of clients and tags, and the release of an exciting new extension.

1. Improvements in the Dashboard UI/UX

The latest MainWP release provides better navigation and accessibility, making it easier to manage your WordPress sites.

YouTube video

a) Page Settings

The “Screen Options” is now “Page Settings” and have been enhanced with more options to control specific aspects of each page, eliminating the need to navigate to the General Settings for certain controls.

Page Settings

For instance, the Monitoring page now lets you enable, disable, and modify monitoring frequency directly from its own Page Settings without going to MainWP -> Settings.

Page Settings - Modal

This should make it more efficient and convenient to make changes to a particular page without having to navigate away from it.

b) Quickly Jump to Another Child Site

MainWP 4.4 introduces a convenient new feature that enables you to quickly navigate to another website while on the overview page of an individual site.

Quickly Jump to Another Child Site

This means that you can easily move between Child Sites without the need to return to the MainWP Dashboard, streamlining your workflow and saving time.

c) Delete all Non-MainWP Actions

In MainWP 4.3, we introduced a new widget for the MainWP Overview page that allows you to view changes made outside of the MainWP Dashboard.

You can now easily delete all Non-MainWP changes with a single click, which can help clean your database.

Delete all Non-MainWP Actions

2. Introducing Guided Tours

The latest update to the MainWP Dashboard includes a helpful feature called “Guided Tours” located at the bottom right of the screen.

YouTube video

This feature provides new users with a step-by-step introduction to MainWP, explaining each page and section with relevant knowledgebase articles and videos that are linked within the descriptions.

Introducing Guided Tours

In addition, if you are on a specific page and want to take advantage of the Guided Tour feature, it’s easy to get started.

Simply click on the “Need Help?” icon located at the top-right of the screen, and select “Start Page Tour.” This will initiate a guided tour of the current page, providing valuable insights and tips to help you optimize your MainWP experience.

Guided Tours - Help

This can be a great resource for getting started with MainWP and familiarizing oneself with unexplored features and functionalities.

The Guided Tours can be enabled/disabled from the Settings -> Tools page.

Guided Tours - Enable or Disable

3. Organize Better with Tags

The “Tags” feature enables you to group and organize your WordPress sites based on specific criteria, such as site type, project, or client.

By effectively utilizing Tags, you can easily filter, search, and manage Child Sites based on their unique requirements.

a) “Tags” as a Separate Menu item

To improve Tags visibility, we have separated Tags from the MainWP -> Sites -> Tags section and created an individual menu item, providing easier access and increased exposure.

Additionally, Client info has been added to the Tags screen.

Tags as a Separate Menu item

Tags can be used in combination with other MainWP features to streamline workflows and improve site management efficiency.

b) Tags in the Grid View

Added Tags to the “Grid View” of the manage sites screen.

Tags in the Grid View

4. Improvements to the Client Management

Since the introduction of Client Management in MainWP 4.3, we’ve been continuously working on adding new features and enhancing the overall experience, making it even easier to organize and manage your clients effectively.

a) Clients Widget on Overview Page

MainWP’s new “Clients” widget provides easier access to your clients than ever before. From the Overview page, you can now view or edit clients, streamlining your workflow and saving time.

Clients Widget on Overview Page

b) Clients Info in the Updates Section

With the latest update, you can view Client Info directly on the “Updates” screen, allowing for easier recognition of associated clients with specific websites and enabling effortless sorting based on clients.

Clients Info in the Updates Section

c) Added Tags to Client Card

You can now see Tags on the Client Cards. Click a Tag, and it will take you to the list of clients associated with that Tag.

Added Tags to Client Card

Check out the Changelog on WP.org

New Extension: Cache Control

After rigorous testing, I am excited to announce that MainWP’s “Cache Control” is now available as a Pro extension.

The MainWP Cache Control Extension enables you to automatically purge the cache on your Child Sites after performing updates to WordPress core, themes, or plugins, ensuring that your Child Sites remain up-to-date.

This means that you no longer need to get into a Child Sites’ wp-admin to purge the cache, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.

YouTube video

Take a look at the Cache Control Extension’s page.

Note that the Cache Control Extension is available for Non-Pro users till March 20th, 2023, to try it out and see the benefits for themselves.

That’s all for our first announcement during our Anniversary Week. We have more exciting news and updates to share in the coming days, so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “🥳 MainWP 4.4 Released with UI/UX Improvements, Guided Tours, & a New Extension!”

  1. Great, It really is a joy to be a pro user 🙂

    One quick silly question:
    “Delete All Non-MainWP Changes” means “Dismiss All Non-MainWP Changes Notices”, right?
    The wording kind of implies that the button will undo all those changes, which would definitely not be something I would want to do.

    Keep up the good work!

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