The April Toolbox: We are talking 3D icons and Reddit.


In today’s edition of Toolbox, we will take a look at 3D icons, Reddit Mania, a backlink tool, and a freelance calculator.

Additionally, we are going to talk about a little bit of Toolbox news. So sit back and enjoy.

3D icons that will pop 😉

Icons. There are tons of packages out there. Some are free; most are relatively inexpensive.

3D Icons
3D Icons

An icon can really help you communicate your idea visually. I recently came across a set that caught my attention.

The 3D icons are something I haven’t seen before. To be honest, I can’t tell if they are really cool or a little creepy. They kind of remind me of clay animated characters.

Anyway, they are pretty cool. They are definitely different than those old flat graphics we utilize for icons sometimes.

Users can use a basic one for free, and there are paid options for higher-quality images.

Have you used 3D icons before?

Finding the best Reddit products


Do you ever check product reviews on Reddit? Reddit users are usually pretty loyal to the platform.

I did not know there is a subreddit for tech reviews. It really isn’t surprising because there is a subreddit for almost everything.

The Redditbests website (page) curates a list of some of the top products based on Reddit reviews. The site even spends time curating by categories as well.

It is a one-stop-shop to view the top reviews with links to them on Amazon. The site discloses that the Amazon links are affiliate links.

The owner explains the method on the Product Hunt page:

Reddit Bests does two things:
1. Aggregate reddit comments for >1 million products. Comments are sorted by their upvote score on Reddit
2. Rank top products within different categories based on number of mentions and on how positive the reviews are (I used sentiment analysis to determine is a comment is positive or negative).


So if you like using Reddit to get reviews, this might save you some time. Check it out.

Online Backlink tool for free

Backlink tools are often tied to a suite of SEO products. Sometimes you don’t have access to that, but you do need to check backlinks.

This backlink tool is a product of SEO Powersuites. It is a free tool and resides online.

Simply sign up for the service, and you can see tons of backlink data for your domain or URL.

This is a great tool for someone who doesn’t need a robust suite of SEO tools but still needs to see backlinks for a domain or a URL.

Freelance Calculator


Deciding what to charge is one of the biggest pain points of many freelancers. It is really tricky.

We tend to start with the going rates and adjust based on our experience.

Then, we hit a wall. We aren’t making enough to cover expenses. We are working all the time because our rates or prices are too low.

If you are like me, telling your customer that your rates are increasing is excruciating.

However, if we are going to keep the lights on, we have to know how much we need to charge to cover expenses.

This freelance calculator can be really handy. It comes as a Google Spreadsheet. Basically, you walk through the calculator, inputting the numbers that you need to use.

You get a “Break Even” rate. Then, the calculator walks you through things like vacation and sick time that you need to account for.

The calculator then gives you your Minimum Hourly rate. In addition to this, the calculator will give you a Day and Weekly Rate in case you need to charge by one of those options.

The next section helps you account for savings. After you account for that, you have your new hourly, daily, and weekly rates.

It is a fantastic little calculator and might be a big help.

See a video walkthrough

Toolbox news

Loss and legacy

The WordPress was shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Puneet Sahalot. Sahalot was a developer of products and tools we regularly used, including Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder.

We are grateful for his service to the community. You can learn more about him and his career from Udaipur Times.

WordCamp Europe is seeking speakers.

WordCamp Europe is planning for 2021 and now seeking speakers.

The online event is set to take place from June 7-10. The call for speakers will end on April 24th.

The organization is looking for speakers who can present on several various topics.

Have a topic to present? Apply.

Hallway Chats are now part of HeroPress.

Two organizations that I have a lot of respect for are joining forces. Hallway Chats, previously hosted by Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey, is being brought under the HeroPress family.

Hallway Chats always did podcasts with guests similar to those featured at HeroPress, so this union makes sense.

You can also listen to Episode 150 of Hallway Chats to get the scoop with Claeys, Dempsey, Cate, and Topher DeRosia of HeroPress.

Wrapping it up

The WordPress community will miss Puneet, who, together with his team at Ideabox, has provided us with some of the most popular tools. He left a legacy that we can all aspire to be like.

Do you read Reddit product reviews? How helpful is something like Redditbests to you? Drop us a note in the Facebook Users Group to let us know.

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