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Kick off the new year with business goals and greater productivity

business goals

Last year, I participated in a Secret Santa in a Facebook group. I admit, I thought it was cool. You may remember some time ago that a young lady drew Bill Gates as her Secret Santa on Reddit.

By the way, do you participate in a virtual Secret Santa?

The gift I received was something I needed but may not have been quite ready for. You see, I received a copy of the book the 12 Week Year.

The idea of the 12 Week Year is that with planning and using your time more efficiently, you can accomplish more goals and more quickly. Accomplishing your goals more quickly. In fact, you can do more in 12 weeks than most people do in a year if you optimize your productivity.

I decided to take a look and learn a little bit more about the system recently. There is a lot to digest. Admittedly, this is not an area I excel. I remember in college struggling to stay focused and bouncing around from distraction to distraction.

There is something to be said about living in the moment such as a long to talk with a friend, a snippet of spontaneity, spending more time with those you care about. These are very important things to do.

There is also something about more productive so that when the moment arises, you can do something with loved ones and friends. We need both.

Goal setting can be tough, mostly because it involves multiple layers. For example, you have your long-term goals, you have your mid-range goals, and you have your short-term goals.


Most of us never get past the short-term goals. We spend our time bouncing from task to task to get done for our clients and forget to spend any time on our own business. To be successful on a larger scale, we have to learn to set long-term goals and focus our energy on meeting them.

We have to have a mission. We set goals to meet that mission, then we set goals to meet the goals that meet our mission. However, in the world we live, we have mostly spent working at jobs where we are executing what others think are our goals for their vision.

It is time for us to graduate to setting our own goals and our vision.

This December I am planning on spending time working on my long-term future for 2019 and beyond. I am planning to work on goals for my businesses in the new year. I am not taking on any new paid work. This is so that I can focus on the goals.

What about you?

I decided to look for some resources that might help me and you in this department.  Here are four resources that can help and give you a great perspective on setting business goals for the year 2019. Are you ready?

Be smart about your goals

Of course, we all know to set SMART goals, right? Each letter in the word stands for something. For example, the S stands for specific, the M for measurable, the A for Achievable, the R for relevant, and finally, the T is for Time-bound.

If you need a refresher, check out this article from Emily Esposito at Smartsheet. The article also has some templates you can download

If you need help with a worksheet, Weekone has one you can download here.

Dismantle distractions

This is a problem I have. We work in an industry that requires us to be connected to online most of the time. It is so simple to check Facebook or Twitter and get caught up in a long thread.  Then, while hanging out on social media, we find ourselves reading “breaking news” that we really could have waited to hear about later after the workday.

Then there are the instant messages, the “urgent emails” and so on from folks who want our attention. It is tough to put that aside.

Kat Boogard has a fantastic article on Trello about focusing at work and getting rid of distractions.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Consider creating accountability

If you are going to set goals, you might consider creating a group of folks to help you stay accountable. You may call your group an accountability group or a mastermind, but the point is to find someone to help spur you along. In this article at Fizzle, Barrett Brooks refers to this arrangement as a mastermind group.  

These days a mastermind group has the makings of something you pay for, but it doesn’t have to be. Brooks gives the example of some classic English authors from the 1930s who formed a mastermind group to spur each other to greatness.

Do you have a group of master minds to help you?

Wrapping it up

Have you tried setting goals in the past? There is no doubt that we do better in life and business when we set goals and become laser-focused on meeting them. What kind of goals have you set in the past? What lengths did you go to meet those goals?

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