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December Podcast Roundup: Women of WordPress

WordPress Podcast Roundup

This month’s podcast roundup includes three influential WordPress professionals giving their perspective on business and life.

We are talking about the power and influence of women today on the WordPress Podcast Roundup. First, we listen to Kim Doyal as she talks about life lessons and “content equity.” Next, we sit in on a chat between Bridget Willard and Gin Mcinneny on the WordPress Elevation Podcast. Ginny asks Willard lots of questions about the various areas where she has influence. Finally, we discuss running a digital agency with Phillis Benson on the WP Innovator Podcast with Lee Jackson.

Podcast Roundup Episodes

Content As Equity & An Update on Life WPCP: 169 – WP Chick

Link: https://thewpchick.com/content-as-equity-an-update-on-life-wpcp-169/

When it comes to podcasts by Kim Doyal, sometimes it is best to grab your favorite cup of hot drink like tea or coffee, get in a comfortable chair and just listen. Kim shares her heart in a podcast, unlike anyone I have ever heard.

Such is the case in this podcast. She hadn’t recorded a podcast in a while and she went on to explain some of the reasons why. She has definitely been through a season of like that has caused pause.

If we all know anything about Kim it is that she moves forward. After telling some very personal stories of what has been going on, she turned to the topic of content equity.

When I saw her use that term a while back, it caused great interest for me because I used that term in an article about four years ago.

She summarizes the idea that content marketing is a long-term game in this quote

The bigger benefits from looking at content as a long game are a little more intangible, but they start piling up on each other. It’s kind of like compound interest and before you know it the results from your efforts start multiplying. You simply need to have patience.1

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Well said, Kim. Well said.

Women & Wordpress Networking, With Bridget Willard- WP Elevation

Link: https://www.wpelevation.com/2017/11/women-wordpress-networking-with-bridget-willard/

This was a fantastic episode with Bridget Willard who is a WordPress influencer. Bridget is the co-host of WP Blab (podcast), a marketing consultant, Co-Organizer of Women who WP and an early member of the GiveWP team where she ran marketing for a couple of years.

Notable Quotes from Willard

  • “Drop the freelancer tag. You are an agency or consultant!”
  • “Women dialogue differently.”
  • “There’s something special about WordPress.”

On Balance:

“There is this ridiculous perspective that you can just magically create work and have the dream, but there is no dream without the work. You have to do the work. The balance is in seeing why it is important and how you’re affecting other people.  At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the people and the relationships you have with them. Nothing else matters.”

Willard regularly consults WordPress professionals to protect their boundaries and learn to manage the client’s expectations.

Bridget says that volunteering is her balance. She loves giving back and encouraging people in the WP community. After all, it’s the WP community who make, create and maintain a code base that is open and free for everyone. How amazing is that? WP Elevation

#104 – The Evolution Of An Agency – Phillis Benson – WP Innovation

Link: https://angledcrown.com/the-evolution-of-an-agency/

Lee Jackson’s popular podcast features Phillis Benson in this episode. Benson recounts her journey to where she is an agency owner. Benson explained that she used a lot of social media, networking, and referrals from long-time clients.

Benson explained that she had a Facebook account back when it was only available to college students. She has been in the social media game for a long time.

These days, Benson works with a lot of clients many of whom are on retainer. She helps clients optimize their process and likes to use robust contact systems such as InfusionSoft. Further, Benson is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner & Certified Consultant as well as a Certified Digital Business Consultant with wpElevation.

One thing I thought was poignant was Benson’s advice to have a travel budget so that you can attend WordPress meetups and WordCamps. The value of these types of conferences is extremely high for agency owners.

Wrapping it up

Sometimes it is best to look outside of ourselves to learn more about life and our profession. I loved the perspective of these three ladies and how they look at their careers. They give us a different perspective.

What podcasts did you listen to this month?

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