Disable the MainWP Child plugin from Showing the Site Health Info

The site health check feature is a new feature in WordPress 5.2.

If you have the MainWP child plugin already hidden from the list of plugins on the child site using the branding extension for MainWP, you may also want to hide the MainWP child plugin from showing on the info tab of the Site Health page.

There is now an easy way to hide themes and plugins from showing in the site health info tab, using the Site Health Manager plugin.

First, you will need to install and activate the Site Health Manager plugin on all the connected child sites you want to install it on.

After the plugin has been installed and activated, you will see a manager tab on the Site Health page. Scroll down to the active plugins section. You should be able to select both the Site Health Manager plugin and the MainWP Child plugins from the active plugins list. Hit the save changes button.

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When you go to the info tab of the Site Health checker page in the Active plugins section, click to expand it, and you will notice that the MainWP Child plugin is not listed.

One of the very handy extensions for MainWP is the Bulk Settings Manager, which means that the settings set in the Site Health Manager plugin can be applied to all of the connected child sites where the Site Health Manager plugin has been installed and activated on.

You can use this key in the MainWP Bulk Settings Manager extensions settings, then save it to the connected child sites.

Using the Site Health Manager plugin with the MainWP Bulk Setting Manager extension is an easy way to hide specific plugins, themes, and sections from the Site Health info section on a child site.

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