MainWP Branding Extension Relaunch

The all new MainWP Branding Plugin

This version of the Branding Extension contains so many new features that I’m going to call it a relaunch instead of an update! 

If you are managing websites on behalf of your clients and want to promote your brand and not the fact you use MainWP then this is the Extension you want! Branding Extension

With this Extension you can easily change the branding of the MainWP Child plugin, remove or disable functions on the child and offer on-site support contact for your clients!

Are you running multiple Brands or want to customize what each of your clients see in order to provide a more personal feel?  That’s great, with the Branding Extension you can customize every option for each of your clients individually.

Take a look at all these new changes for Branding Version 0.0.2

* Added ability to remove the Permalinks Menu

* Added ability to rebrand WordPress back-end on child sites (this whole section is new in version 0.0.2)

— Change Login Image
— Change Favicon   — Remove WordPress Widgets
— Add Global Footer Content
— Add Admin Footer Content
— Change Site Generator
— Custom Login CSS
— Custom Admin CSS
— Text Replacement

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* Added ability to display the Support button in Top Admin Bar and/or the Admin Menu

Add the Branding Extension Today!

Note: If you are current Branding Extensions owner there is NO need to repurchase!  If you are  unsure how to update your MainWP Extension please check the How to update MainWP Extensions doc.

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