MainWP is Three Today!

Three years ago today, MainWP was released on becoming the first fully open source WordPress Management plugin available.

I believe even after three years my original quote from our first press release stands as true now as it did then:

“When we started this we felt there had to be a more economical way for users to be able to control their network of sites then what was currently available. We went down a few different roads in the beginning but everyone at MainWP is very happy that we settled on the open source route. Open Source has allowed us the ability to compete almost immediately with the more entrenched WordPress management programs.”

MainWP continues to grow every day and one of the major reasons for that is we strive to follow the guiding principles from that quote; “open source and economical.” We aim to continually offer the best value and highest quality WordPress Management experience possible.

Some Stats from over the last 3 years

According to the MainWP Dashboard is currently being run on
9,000+ Dashboards
Controlling over
200,000 child sites
MainWP has
4.9 out of 5
stars based on more than 1000 reviews!
During those 3 years, we also have updated the MainWP Dashboard over
50 times
offering new features, squashing bugs and overall improving the user experience.
The un-official MainWP Facebook Group has over over
1100 members
and daily conversations among members of the MainWP family.
We have sponsored
to give back to the community.

MainWP is 3, but you get the gifts!

New in your Dashboard

Header Check on update

When you turn on the Header Check on Update feature and run an update your dashboard will go back and visit the site to confirm it replies with a 200 response.

If any other response is received such as 500 server error, you are immediately notified, and you can either jump over to the wp-admin of that site to check it out for yourself or restore your last backup directly from your Dashboard.

Header Status Check

All Backup Extensions now work with the Require Backup before update option

Really, this is an older feature brought back to life!

Before we focused on Backup Extensions, we added an option to the old MainWP backup system to automatically make a backup before performing updates. This was to help protect you in case you forgot to make a backup and then had an update mess up your site.

Manage all your WordPress sites with the MainWP Dashboard

WordPress Management for Professionals

Are you ready to go Pro?

All MainWP Pro Extensions are available through one of our convenient bundled packages.

As we moved away from the MainWP Backup system this feature was neglected and ignored, well now it’s back and works with all the MainWP Backup Extensions!

To turn on the “Require Backup Before Update” option go to your MainWP Dashboard → Settings locate “Update Options” and set “Require Backup Before Update” to Yes

Backup Before Update

Free MainWP Vulnerability Checker Extension

The all new Vulnerability Checker Extension checks your WordPress install, plugins, and themes against the database of compromised plugins and themes and lets you know if you are using a version that appears in their database.

Directly from your MainWP Dashboard, you will be able to see vulnerable plugins and themes, what the issues are.

  • The Vulnerability database updates itself real-time so you don’t miss out on any vulnerabilities.
  • Premium plugins and themes are a part of
  • Get notified for vulnerabilities.
  • Update vulnerable plugins
  • Delete vulnerable plugins
Vulnerability Overview
Vulnerability Overview

Download the Vulnerability Checker Extension

Note: MainWP Members it can take up to 24 hours for the new Extension to appear in your account.

New for your WordPress Management Business

Today is also an exciting day for those of us at MainWP as our first WooCommerce Extension goes into public Beta.

WooCommerce is by far the most popular WordPress eCommerce platform, and we plan to provide WooCommerce Extensions that help you run your WordPress Management business. Our first step into that realm is the Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce Extension.

Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce (MCRWC)

Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce is a free Extension that allows you to offer your customer reports that are not only comprehensive but well-designed and easy to read.

By using the integrated page builder feature, you will maintain complete control over layout and styling. You can easily brand your reports to your style guidelines, contents and more.

MCRWC Requirements:

  • Plugin requires the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated on a website dedicated to your client reports
  • You need to have your MainWP Dashboard with connected child sites
  • You need to have the MainWP Child Reports plugin installed on your child sites
The Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce plugin needs to be installed on a website along with the WooCommerce plugin. Not on your MainWP Dashboard site.
Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce - Report Format
MCRWC Example Report

Download Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce

The future of MainWP

2017 is going to be an exciting year as we introduce new features and Extensions for both your MainWP Dashboard and WooCommerce.

Everything we have been able to do and everything we plan to do in the future is only possible because of you and your support of MainWP, thank you!

36 thoughts on “MainWP is Three Today!”

  1. Absolutely love MainWP. It really helped to add another revenue stream to our business. Thank you! Excuse me while I go check out the new features!

  2. MainWP is probably the best tool for maintenance, congrats to 3 years running and many years to come.

    If we are allowed to suggest improvements while we’re at it;
    A better backup solution (pm for lengthy details).
    UI and speed could be polished, update overview is sloooow.

    Client reports sounds a little steep to get started, maybe it can improve in the future, it has tons of potential.
    For now I’ll settle with Vulnerability Checker, great add-on just what the doctor ordered.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Happy Birth Day! MainWP

    Keep up the good works, MainWP team. You save us much of time to control and manage multiple WP websites.

    I love MainWP

  4. Buying MainWP was one of the best, if not the best decision, of my WordPress biz. It brings explicit organization, it saves time in the short term and a lot of headaches in the medium-long term. 5 ***** product!

    Happy Birthday and “long live the king”! 🙂

  5. Dr D.,

    3yrs old. Let’s see, that’s 29 in internet years. Just hitting your stride. Thank you so much for all that you do. I know that if it weren’t you, it’d be someone else but I’m sure glad to be your customer all of these years (from before your name change if my memory serves me right). Your efforts have allowed us to serve our customers much more effectively and I’m grateful to you and your team.

    Many years!

    : DJ

  6. Happy Birthday but I hate to say that I’m really disappointed in the support. Pretending to be working on an issue for more than 3 weeks without any feedback and then saying that the provided login doesn’t work !
    I have the feeling that I’ve been waisting my time waiting for a solution and waisting my money on my lifetime subscription!

    • Xtofke, allow me to apologize one more time for the delay with your ticket and making you feel like that way.

      The last few weeks has been very busy for the whole MainWP team and the dev didn’t get a chance to fix the issue. However, please note that we will give our best to fix the issue as soon as possible.

      • Bogdan, it’s the way you communicate. 3 weeks ago you asked me toch beter patient as they Dev team was working on it. Now it turns out they didn’t even took time to look at it. Next time just been honnest and say my ticket is in the waiting line. That way I would have understood instead of now having lost my trust in your services.

        • Xtofke, You are right and my apologies again. If you would like additional help let me know in the ticket and I will reach out to the Dev team personally and have them check your ticket as soon as possible


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