November Toolbox: Your year-end evaluations can generate extra revenue


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In this month’s Toolbox, we are going to talk about how you can help your clients and generate extra revenue.

Gather around friends. I’m going to help you earn money during the month of December.

December is typically a slow month for many people in the WordPress Web Care business. You likely aren’t building any new websites and you are spending most of your time taking care of your client websites using MainWP.

But I have an idea.

You can sell your client on an end-of-year evaluation of their websites to help them find improvement for the next year.

If you can evaluate their websites in these four key areas, you will help them know where they stand when the new year starts.

You can sell it as an add-on or do it as a value-add, but the option is up to you. It can also be part of your end of the year reporting.

So today, in the November Toolbox, we are going to look at how you can build momentum for your clients in 2023 and maybe make some extra cash.

Are you ready?

Update Local Biz Listings information

Tool: Manual

Let’s start with your local business information.

Businesses change things all the time. Perhaps they move to a different location or change their phone number.

They might even have new ownership.

When it happens, we are usually content to update the immediate places, but sometimes we don’t have time to update that information.

So, now is the time.

Take a glance at all of your web pages. Do you need to change something?

Next, go over to all your social media profiles. Make sure the information is accurate.

Finally, go to your Google Business Profile page. Update as necessary.

Need some guidance or a checklist? Moz has you covered on this page.

Audit and upgrade Google Analytics

Tool: Manual + Google Analytics

As you know, Google Analytics has updated to version 4. What that means is that the previous versions will sunset in July 2023.

Once you login to your Google Analytics, you see that big notice at the top of your page.

Screenshot: Google Analytics
Screenshot: Google Analytics

December is that time we go over everything, and it might be the best time to make that upgrade.

Have you upgraded your Google Analytics to version 4?

GA4 (Google Analytics 4) has some changes in how it works and the terminology.

Sam Torres does a thorough job of helping understand these changes at Moz.

If you want a guide for setting up GA4, John Locke wrote a guide on his company’s blog earlier this year.

It is a good, practical, step by step for setting up GA4.

Finally, you can find Google’s official documentation by clicking here..

We are often running year-end reports in Google Analytics for our clients. This year, we have to make this switch before July 2023, therefore, we might as well take the extra time now.

By the way, PHP needs to be upgraded too.

WordPress Plugin Audit

Tools: Manual + Spreadsheet + Plugins List Plugin

The end of the year is a good time to do a plugin audit.

What is a plugin audit?

A plugin audit is an opportunity to evaluate each plugin on your website to decide if it is being used, the most effective way to accomplish a task, and if you should keep the plugin or not.

Benefits include having a more optimized backend, upgrade security, and keeping your website lean.

Fortunately, if you haven’t done one before, there are some good guides available to help you do a plugin audit.

One such article is from Mediavine.

Lauren Gray does a great job of putting a process to this task. She gives some tips, and she gives a sneak peek at her own company’s internal list.

To generate a list of your plugins, you might use a plugin like Plugins List.

Screenshot: Plugins List -
Screenshot: Plugins List –

The plugin was created to give credit to the plugin authors, but it is a great way to output a list of your plugins.

You might use a spreadsheet to keep track of the plugins.

You will want to do the testing on a staging site so that you don’t disrupt the live site.

These can be done easily in your MainWP dashboard, keeping you from logging into dozens or hundreds of sites.

Website SEO Audit

Tools: SEMRush + Screaming Frog + Google Speed Insights + GTMetrix

We have discussed running SEO audits before here, but we will take a quick look.

You don’t have to be a top-notch SEO expert to do an SEO audit.

There are several tools available to help you, such as the one from SEMRush.

These tools will let you know some issues with the site.

Once you get your report, then it is time to dig into the report to verify the information. Sometimes these tools make mistakes.

There are certain things you are going to want to check for, including speed.

For speed, you can turn to the Web.Dev project.

I have also found GTMetrix to be helpful.

Finally, you can use something like Screaming Frog to an at glance view of meta information and other content issues.


You will need to decide how in-depth you want to go because you can spend hours and hours on a report. Then you realize you should have charged for the report.

I would go with a light audit and upsell an in-depth audit.

Consider the light audit a value-add, something you can do as part of your overall client audit.

Your client will start 2023 knowing what he or she needs to improve on their website!

Wrapping it up

Do you give clients year-end reporting? Doing a complete website and company evaluation in these four areas is a nice upsell.

Naturally, you can add other areas to this, including a content audit, audience research audit, and an audit of your client’s email marketing.

You know your clients best! What kinds of things do they need to know going into 2023?

Tell us what you think in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

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