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Podcast Junkies: Nine podcasts many MainWP users love to listen to

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Are you a podcast junkie? What is on your playlist? I did a random poll in the MainWP Users Facebook group asking members what podcasts they like to listen to.

The first person to respond was Joshua Vandercar, and he informed me his favorites were not tech or WordPress based.

No problem. I didn’t specify so I encouraged others to list their favorite podcast regardless of industry.

The result is that one of the podcasts in this list is not WordPress related. So, here are the top nine listed.

Nine podcasts mentioned by the MainWP community

Think Like a Hacker – Wordfence


Screenshot: Think Like a Hacker Podcast Wordfence
Screenshot: Think Like a Hacker Podcast Wordfence

Think Like a Hacker is a relatively new podcast put out by the team at WordFence. Episode 1 came out in February featuring Automattic’s Josepha Haden. There have been 22 episodes to date. Wordfence does a fantastic job keeping everyone in the WordPress community up to date. This podcast is another channel to deliver that info.

The Kim Doyal Show


For years Kim ran the WP Chick show. She has recently rebranded to the Kim Doyal Show. Her business still includes many things related to WordPress, but she emphasizes content market as well as anyone in our industry.

She has built up a loyal following for some time, mostly because of how approachable and transparent she is.

Here podcasts go back to 2013, so she has been in the podcasting game for the long haul.

Agency Trailblazers


Screenshot: Agency Trailblazers Podcast
Screenshot: Agency Trailblazers Podcast

Lee Jackson has been doing podcasts for a long time too. The bearded gent from the UK with the deep voice used to call his podcast WP Innovator. Recently, in conjunction with his agency community, he rebranded as Agency Trailblazers.

The community does a great job of helping those who run boutique agencies grow and scale. To date, Lee has 218 episodes.

WP Builds


Speaking of gents from the UK, Nathan Wrigley and David Waumlsey runs one of the most popular WordPress podcasts, WP Builds. They give out tons of info, advice, tips, and giveaways to their community. Many WordPress makers will pitch their product on the WP Builds podcast for the first time.

We were fortunate to do a Q&A with the dynamic duo last year.

The Admin Bar


The Admin Bar Podcast Logo

What happens when you get a couple of friends together who love to talk about WordPress and agency life and works for them. You get a podcast/community. That is what happened with The Admin Bar run by Kyle Van Deusen and Matt Sebert. The podcast has been around less than a year and has 29 episodes to date.

The duo already has an impressive list of guests.

Marketing Development Podcast


Pete Everitt launched his Marketing Development Podcast last year. The topics of his podcast are almost everything related to marketing. Pete interviews a wide variety of marketers from many different places. One thing I like about his podcast is that you meet some professionals that you otherwise may not know about.

Agency Highway Podcast


Agency Highway Podcast Logo
Agency Highway Podcast

Agency Highway is the podcast by James Rose, the guy behind Content Snare. The podcast launched in the Summer of 2018 and clocks in at over 50 episodes. Rose interviews several rockstars in the WordPress community, along with others in the digital marketing space.

99% Invisible


Chalk this one up for being outside the WordPress space. The podcast is a series of episodes about the fascinating things of life.

99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world. With over 250 million downloads, 99% Invisible is one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes and is available on RadioPublic, via RSS and through other apps.

If it is science related, it may be something they cover. One of the categories is, of course, technology. If you are looking for something different, you might check it out.

Smart Web Creators


Smart Web Creators Logo
Smart Web Creators Podcast

Smart Web Creators Podcast is a podcast by WordPress designer Davinder Singh Kainth. Davinder is known in the WordPress community as the ProBeaver guy putting out weekly emails for the ProBeaver family.

Kainth features creators who build amazing things on the web. If you look at his list, you will see different kinds of guests talking about a wide array of topics.

Wrapping it up

What podcasts do you listen to? We all have our favorite podcasts. If you are a podcast junkie, then you may wish to find a new podcast to take for a spin.

Maybe you haven’t heard of one of these podcasts before. Take one for a spin and see what you think.

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