Podcast Roundup for March: Fresh voices and new podcasts

Podcast Roundup

In this month’s podcast roundup, we take a look at some brand new podcasts and hear some fresh voices.

Podcasts are enlightening. One thing that makes a podcast so great is you get to listen in on a conversation between two veterans.

As we continue the Podcast Roundups, I thought it might be good to look for fresh voices. This month, I tap into two new podcasts and we revisit one that is well known.

This month, we listen to new podcasts by Paul Everitt and Mike Campbell. We also check in with Joe Casaba’s popular podcast.

March 2018 Podcast Roundup

Pete Everitt – Marketing Development Podcast

001 – Building your marketing career

It takes a lot of courage to start something, especially a podcast. For WordPress developer and digital marketer Pete Everitt, he recently jumped into the world of podcasts by launching his new podcast Marketing Development Podcast.

On his first podcast, he interviews past client Rob White of the UK’s largest hot tub company.

The two spend time talking about basic fundamentals of marketing. They discuss messaging and how to reach a company’s target audience.

How I built it Podcast

Sara Dunn and Niching  Down, Episode 69

Joe Casabona welcomes Sara Dunn to this March podcast to talk about niching down. Dunn had a very public journey to learning her niche when she documented it via videos and blog posts.

Dunn talks about all of the different aspects surrounding how she chose her specialty of SEO for the wedding industry.

She tells a story of meeting a Chicago wedding planner who told her website traffic dropped after a website redesign. She took a look at the site and learned the previous website developer did not know basic principles of SEO.

She began to consider working on SEO for the websites of wedding planners and other services to brides and grooms.

This was a fantastic discussion about the process of specializing. Kudos to Sarah and Joe!

Profit with WordPress

Episode #1 – Welcome to Profit with WordPress Podcast

This is Mike Campbell’s first podcast episode. Basically, he introduces himself, tells a bit about his background and some of the things he wants to accomplish with his podcast. Mike talks about some of his passions including helping local businesses get more leads using SEO.

Episode #2 – Ed Ellingham of Cloud Care WP

The second episode is an interview with Ed Ellingham of Cloud CareWP. Cloud CareWP provides WordPress maintenance solutions for other businesses.

We get the background story of Ed’s company Cloud Nine Communications. He went from IT and VoIP to WordPress development. From there he launched his site care plans for his clients.

Cloud Care WP provides on of the most comprehensive WordPress Care Solutions around. At Cloud Care WP they feel like WordPress support should cover everything from maintenance, to content updates, to hosting. They just don’t just provide support, we provide peace of mind. Profit with WP


“Simple doesn’t always mean it was designed better.” Ed Ellingham

Wrapping it up

It is good to hear fresh voices. If we aren’t careful, we will only hear the same voices over and over again. It’s good to see others launching podcasts so that we can hear fresh voices. That is one of the reasons that Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey started Hallway Chats so that they could interview people you may not hear from in the community.

In a nutshell, we’ll have anyone on who has not yet popped onto the radar of the wider WordPress community. We’re specifically looking to meet people who are making WordPress work for them in a way that may not garner global or national attention.

Have you listened to a new voice or a new podcast recently? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it in the MainWP Facebook Users Group.

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