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Three social media blogs to rule them all and keep you on top of the social media industry

Three social media blogs to rule them all

Social media changes every day. If you aren’t happy about something, wait for a bit, it will change.

I used to get excited about social media, but honestly, these days, I just use it as a watercooler. That being said, my watercooler includes my friends like the ones in the MainWP community, so it can lead to a lot of benefits.

Regardless, we still have to pay attention to social media. It isn’t going away, but we have to learn to adapt to its changes.

That’s why it is so important to follow a social media blog that gives thorough, relevant content that will keep us up to date with what’s going on in the social media kingdom.

What makes a good social media blog? We all have opinions. What I look for are blogs that have guides to help people use social media in their business. I look for blogs that have rich evergreen content. I look for blogs that keep up with the ever-changing ecosystem that is social media.

Today I am going to dive into three social media blogs that do this really well. So, if you are ready for a ride through the canyon, then saddle up.

Social Media Examiner


Social Media Examiner (SME) is one of the top blogs for social media. There is a reason why.

According to an article on Convince and Convert, 10 million people visit their website per year and over 340,000 are on the email list. Pretty powerful.

The blog is full of articles that are useful. There are “How to” articles, articles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Further, they have articles that explore various tools and include expert interviews. SME will keep you up to date with social media news. Finally, the blog includes research heavy articles including case studies.

Simply put, this is a great blog regardless of the category. It is certainly one of the best places to start for keeping up with social media.

Here are some other reasons I think Social Media Examiner is a top social media blog.


The blog has been publishing since 2009. Over a decade the blog has accumulated tons of articles and a wealth of information. Content is original and from some of the best social media marketers in the industry.

Original Research

This may set SME apart. Every year they publish the Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Anytime someone publishes an original report, they immediately gain authority. Additionally, they publish the Creator Monetization Report which explores how content creators make money.

Other content

SME has three shows online. They host the Social Media marketing podcast, the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, and The Journey, a video documentary form the founder, Michael Stelzner.

That’s not all. SME also hosts the industry’s top in-person conference for social media marketing. The conference, Social Media Marketing World thousands of professionals in San Diego, CA. The 2019 conference is on March 20th.

The Buffer blog


When it comes to Buffer, I have always been super impressed with their blog. Their blog served as a differentiator in the early days, driving traffic to the site and getting users to sign up.

It was a powerful display of content marketing. The articles were deep, search heavy articles that often mentioned scientific data and psychological principles. This tactic appealed to marketing managers and the user base grew rapidly.

Some of the best blog posts I have come across in digital marketing were at the Buffer blog. While the central point is social media, the Buffer team understood the need to dive deeply into parallel subjects that many in marketing may have needs.

Guides and extraordinary content

On the Buffer blog, you see some of the same things you do with Social Media Examiner. They have a report known as the State of Social. They have case studies for their app as well as case studies on their blog about how a company uses social media.

Buffer hosts a podcast called The Science of Social Media. The Buffer blog also has a plethora of guides for various social media platforms.

Finally, if you are just getting started with social media marketing, Buffer has published a piece of evergreen content complete with links to various guides and the option to sign up for a free social media marketing email course.


Buffer’s posts get shared thousands of times. By all accounts, Buffer doubled down on what worked in the early days and beyond. Celine Roque breaks it down in this 2014 article.

A big part of the Buffer blog and, arguably its success, is the research that goes into a blog post. Former Buffer content marketer, Belle Beth Cooper explained more about the process at Huffington Post in 2014.


If you stumble upon the blog and feel like its intimidating, like any good organization, they provide you with a map called Start Here.

The Buffer blog is great for those looking to learn more about social media marketing. They do, however, have another separate blog. This blog is meant to document the work culture at Buffer. It is called Open

Social Sprout


Sprout Social has two blogs, one for digital and one that talks about insights using social media. Sprout, of course, is one of many social media marketing platforms that a business can use to manage their social media marketing.

Categories for Sprout’s Adapt blog include Customer Experience, Tech & Innovation, Corporate Culture, and Digital Transformation.

The Sprout Insights blog is a very robust blog with various categories, information about the various social media networks, a treasure of resources and Sprout community information.

While the Insights blog is content that is more for social media managers, the Adapt blog is heavily focused on thought leadership.

The Insights blog includes a comprehensive resource for using social media for small businesses.

Sprout also has its share of case studies.

Overall Sprout Social’s Insight blog is very robust. There is a lot of teaching, data, reports, and guides. They provide that kind of info a social media manager would need.

Blog posts to read

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Wrapping it up

All three blogs have solid, evergreen content. They all also publish case studies both for their product as well as how a business uses social media.

Social Media Examiner has been around a while giving it a certain element of longevity. I am also impressed that each blog dives into their own research. Original research helps to become thought leaders.

These are definitely not the only good social media blogs on the internet, but these are three of the best. These are top tier social media blogs.

What is your favorite social media blog? Drop them in the comments below!

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