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WordPress Roundup

The little town where I live is having a festival this weekend. You know those American festivals, full of food (something on a stick), music, art, and just lots of laughter and fun. The only thing is, the name of the festival in this town is just a little unusual.

You see, the name of the festival is Toad Suck Daze. Yes, there is a story about Toad Suck, where it comes from.

The legend, the story, is explained by Toad Suck Park Manager Scott Fryer to John Metcalf of Citylab,

“It’s where a ferry used to cross the Arkansas River from Faulkner County to Perry County,” he begins. “Well, the story is that at the time of the ferry boat, there was tavern on the Perry County side of the river that was a local hangout for folks to go down and drink alcohol and do other things frowned upon by the local communities. Some church ladies from nearby would say, ‘If you can’t find so-and-so, go down to the tavern. He’ll be sucking on a bottle so much he’s swollen up like a toad.'”

So, in honor Toad Suck, AR, and Toad Suck Daze in the town where I live, the blog post roundup will feature, ehem, interesting articles. Okay, to be honest, they aren’t as interesting at Toad Suck, but they are different a little fun.

Ready? Giddy-up

WordPress Roundup

The May WordPress Roundup features comics, subreddits, and translations. So, get ready to ride into a new month with our roundup.

First up, Reddit.

11 Best WordPress Subreddits You Should be Reading

Ever use Reddit? It can quickly end up in a rabbit hole. What does Reddit have to do with WordPress? Well, there are tons of WordPress subreddits and a few related such as Coding, ReactJS, and Javascript.

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Speaking of Reddit, they have changed things up a bit with a new desktop design.

How to Create Your Company Org Chart in WordPress

Okay, to be fair, I never thought about putting a company organization chart on a website before. I have, however, created team pages before, so this is a bit different.

So, if you have a client that insists that their team members be displayed in a hierarchy, this little tutorial from WPBeginner might be just what you need. Apparently, there is a plugin for this type of thing. Who knew?

How To Translate Your WordPress Website Into Multiple Languages

There comes a time when you need to have your WordPress site translated. WP Explorer shares six plugins that will help you accomplish the task. We live in a global world, so the possibility we have to translate a site isn’t inconceivable.

April 2018 Comics of the Month w/ CodeinWP … #DesignClients #Blogging #MindControl

Now, to the entertaining. I get using hashtags on social media, but I don’t know why they are used in the title. Nevertheless, comics are always fun. You may recognize some of the hero and villain references in these and there is also a few references to some of our client experiences.

I think we need more comics in our industry. Sort of like MainWP man.

MainWP Man
MainWP Man

Wrapping it up

That’s it for this month. I hope you have some fun as we head into the late Spring and early Summer. I would love to know about comics you like. Also, have you seen any comics similar to these for the age of digital marketing? If so, drop a note in the comments.

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