World of WordPress: Looking back to WordCamp Europe

WordCamp Europe 2019

WordCamp Europe 2019 has come and went, and now they turn their focus to 2020. The event that took place in Berlin sold 3,600 tickets according to an article in Torque Mag.
In fact, Torque has a nice page of recap videos.

WP Tavern has a recap of the Mullenweg address, including Gutenberg updates.

One of the more interesting stories is the journey of Marcel Bootsman who walked 718km to make it to the event. According to an interview with Jeff Chandler, he made the trip to raise funds for DonateWC.

Rajendra Zore, CMO of RunCloud and MainWP user, joined the WordPress Security Meetup Panel Discussion.

I also reached out and were able to get thoughts from a couple of WordPress users who were at WordCamp Europe.

Rick Heijster, RAM ICT Services

WCEU was very well organized. The speakers’ talks generally were of high quality, the sponsors’ booths were interesting, the food was great, and the venue was perfectly suited for this kind of event. But for me, the biggest value was into meeting all those nice people who I daily meet online, on Facebook groups, and in other communities. The conversations that I had were the real highlights of my WCEU.

Mustaasam Saleem Ansari, WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways

This was the very first time I traveled abroad to attend WordCamp Europe 2019. It was just because WordPress brought us together digitally, and WordCamp is a chance to get together and get to know each other personally!

We (Cloudways) sponsored the event, and our team met a lot of our customers, businesses, individuals, and more importantly, the co-founder Matt Mullenweg.

It was great to be a part of this exciting event, and I’m certainly looking forward to attending more WordCamps in the future.

Mustaasam Saleem Ansari
Photo Courtesy of Mustaasam Saleem Ansari

As Jeroen Rotty noted in his WordCamp Europe recap, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Working as a volunteer on the first day, they had an unexpected hiccup.

Finally, the first day of the conference. I was expected to be there at 7:30 AM for my first volunteer shift and was scheduled to work at the Registration Desk. Welcoming our ~600 attendees to the Contributor Day. It was hectic at first, caused by no dedicated WIFI channel and 2 defective printers (they weren’t outlined as they should have), but after a while, everything was running smoothly.

Things don’t always go as planned, but it sounded like overall, it was a good event. Next year, WordCamp Europe is scheduled for Porto, Portugal, June 4-6.

WordCamp US is scheduled for November 1-3 in St. Louis.

Do you plan on attending a WordCamp? What location?


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