Google Assistant Hacks

Google Assistant Hacks

Google Assistant is the new Mr. Belvedere of online services and can be used on everything from phones, speakers, smart displays, cars, TVs, laptops & tablets, and wearables.

If you want to do more things without having to type or write each time, Google Assistant has you covered.

Here are some of the many things that you can ask Google Assistant, in no particular order:

  • Tell me about my day
  • what’s on my calendar for ____(month/day)
  • give me a mindfulness tip
  • make me smile
  • take a note
  • sing me a song
  • tell me a joke
  • tell me a fun fact
  • I had a bad day
  • play relaxation sounds
  • start timer
  • set an alarm
  • make a phone call
  • send a text message
  • voicemail
  • what’s the weather
  • play podcasts
  • use calculator
  • play a game
  • set a reminder
  • tell me a marvel fact
  • what’s new on netflix
  • best dad jokes
  • drop a beat for me
  • Find an address

Google Assistant can search and perform many tasks for you. To see a list of more useful options, get please check this post.

Google has started extending the Google Assistant voices by now including voice cameos. For a limited time, you can set John Legend as your Google Assistant voice by issuing the following command:

Hey google, talk like a legend

Google Assistant continues to add more integrations and commands which can aid in your daily tasks. Recently, Google Assistant paired with G Suite calendar. Take the time to find as many Google Assistant commands which will speed up the common tasks that you run over the course of the day, to help you be more efficient and less stressed.

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