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Featured MainWP User Renee Shupe

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What do you do when you are commuting to a dead-end job an hour and half each way and you are tired and burned out?

That was the question that Renee faced in 2008. It was exhausting.

Geek in your Pocket
Geek in your Pocket logo

As she says on her About page,

“In 2008, I was travelling 90 minutes each way to work to a job I wasn’t all that excited about and I was running on automatic. I was tired. Tired of the mundane. Tired of the same thing each AND every day.”

She sat out to make a change and initially launched a virtual assistant business. However, after working with small businesses, she realized they needed more help with technical parts of their business.

“I quickly found out that most small and tiny business owners struggled with more than just documents and my tiny virtual assistant business quickly morphed into a technical marketing boutique helping creative leaders create amazing online presences.”

Along the way, she discovered WordPress and began her current business, Geek in your Pocket.

She realized that she found her home.

Geek in your Pocket logo
Geek in your Pocket logo

“I discovered that I LOVE tinkering & fixing websites. As a natural problem solver, it’s the right fit.” Renee.

Today we learn more about Featured MainWP User Renee Shupe, her business, and some of the things she likes to do when she isn’t working.

Company Name
Geek in Your Pocket

Location: Alberta Canada

How long have you been a WordPress Web Care Consultant?

Since 2017, but been working online since 2008.

When did you begin using MainWP? What prompted you to begin using MainWP?

I moved to MainWP in 2019 and I liked the idea of using a system that was scalable at an affordable rate. I have used many of the other website management services, but I like the flexibility that MainWP provides for managing my client sites.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have had?

Getting my processes and systems in place. I’ve now been providing support to my clients for close to 6 years and it’s taken me all that time to finally feel I have a system in place that still gives me flexibility in my time, but also make myself available for my clients in emergency situations.

What is advice you would give new web care consultants? Women in the space?

Connect with other women in the industry and ask questions. I have always found reaching out and see if you can strike up a conversation with someone is a great way to learn. Look at supportive Facebook groups and other forums. Most of the folks I’ve met along the way have always been super supportive and helpful.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working with WordPress, MainWP and other business stuff?

While I love technology, I’m still an analog woman at heart and really love my notebooks. So with that comes fountain pens and inks. I do enjoy playing with the pens and inks. I’m also a big reader, currently reading Quietly Ambitious by Ruth Poundwhite and The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.

Wrapping it up

Renee became a business owner when she was trying to break out of a no-win situation with her job. She started by offering virtual assistant services but soon realized she was a better fit to help businesses with their technology needs.

As her business evolved, she took on the role of managing WordPress websites for clients as well as helping them with their online presence.

Thank you, Renee for sharing more about your story! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas about business as well as MainWP.

Does her story resonate with yours? Let us know in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

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