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Taking advantage of MainWP security extensions to help secure your sites from the menacing zombies on the internet


What is your favorite scary movie? How did it make you feel to watch the movie? I remember when the movie The Blair Witch Project came out. It was creepy. There were no zombies in the movie, but an urban legend about a witch. Word is, the filming concluded on Halloween.

I remember as I watched to movie thinking to myself, anyone who has ever camped out hears noises, yet they were freaking out. There are lots of noises in the silence.


Sometimes, the more we panic, the worse we get scared. It is important to be alert, not panic, and trust our instincts. Movies prey on the fear of the characters and not knowing what is happening next. Zombies keep coming, they don’t stop.

There is no reason to panic and be scared of someone hacking our websites. Now, to be sure, we should be alert and ensure we are properly protected.

Using MainWP, we can provide much of the security we need to keep our websites safe.

Today we are going to discuss how you can use MainWP security extensions to keep your site safe from internet zombies and urban legendary witches.

Lock up your MainWP Dashboard using Clean and Lock

Clean and Lock is an extension that will help you keep your MainWP dashboard safe from anyone that doesn’t need access. Think about it, all of the sites you manage are accessible from your dashboard so you need to keep it safe.

“The MainWP Clean and Lock Extension will enable you to quickly remove unwanted WordPress sections from your Dashboards admin area. With a clean dashboard backend you will be able find things easier saving you valuable time.” Clean and Lock

Control who can login with the ability to allow certain IP addresses and create password protection for the wp-admin area.

The great thing about this MainWP extension is that it is free. You can lock down your wp-admin area and set a redirect for those who do not need access to your dashboard. Further, you can clean up your dashboard to show only the things you need to see.

Scan your sites using Sucuri

Using this extension, you are able to scan all the sites in your care with Sucuri’s SiteCheck.

“This gives you a quick way to determine if your web applications are out of date, exploited with malware, or even blacklisted by popular search engines all directly from your MainWP Dashboard!” Sucuri Extension

I run the site scanner this each time I perform updates on the websites I manage. It is another system that will help me keep up to date with the various issues that might arise.

Did I mention it is free?

Sucuri Scan Report
Sucuri Scan Report

Monitor vulnerabilities with the Vulnerability Checker

This is extension adds another layer of security by letting you monitor for different vulnerabilities. The extension takes advantage of the WPScan Vulnerability Database by using it’s API to display any serious vulnerabilities.

Using the checker, you can:

  • The Vulnerability Extension gathers the latest information in real-time from the database.
  • Premium plugins and themes are a part of
  • Get notified about vulnerabilities on your websites.
  • Update vulnerable plugins.
  • Delete vulnerable plugins.

Vulnerability checker

Once again, this is a free extension.

Moving Forward

Did I say there were three things? Of course, but there’s more! MainWP comes with extensions for the two most popular security plugins iThemes Security and Wordfence. If you are already using those for your websites, you can simply install the extension to connect them to your MainWP Dashboard. Each extension is $39 or comes available with one of the MainWP memberships.

That’s not all. You will want to have a backup protocol in place, and MainWP has extensions for five different backup plugins. The newest backup extension is for WP Time Capsule. Currently, the extension is in Beta. Many users like the plugin for its incremental backups. The extension is available for $29.

Finally, you can keep up with what is happening on your sites by using the WP Security Audit. Dennis gives a breakdown on how you can use it on your website in this article Announcing MainWP and WP Security Audit Log Integration. The team at MainWP is working on an extension they hope is available by the end of the year.

WP Security Audit bills itself as, “The most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin to keep a record of user changes, ease troubleshooting & identify suspicious behaviour early to thwart malicious hacks.” WP Security Audit

Wrapping it up

We have a few weeks left in the year. Undoubtedly, you will be evaluating your business. Why not make sure you take a look at the security of the websites you maintain?

MainWP is a great way to keep sites up to date, backed up, and monitored for security. This is a great time to get started with MainWP.

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