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Using the Bulk Settings Manager extension on your MainWP Dashboard

First, you will need to install the Bulk Settings Manager extension on your MainWP Dashboard site. If you are not sure how to do that, here are some helpful documents:

MainWP Key Maker

Something you may be asking is, now that you have the Bulk Settings Manager installed on your MainWP Dashboard site, how do you go about creating a new key for being able to make common changes or change settings on your child sites?

On the MainWP Dashboard site or a site that you have for testing, install the MainWP Key Maker plugin.

Once that plugin has been installed and activated, it will add a new menu item to the admin menu bar.

MainWP Key Maker
MainWP Key Maker menu in the admin bar.

When you click on the MainWP Key Maker admin menu, it will bring up this view.

Post submission request in MainWP key maker.
Post submission request in MainWP key maker.

The key text you want to use will be the one from Post-submission request. If you copy the key to clipboard, then you can save that in a text file for common keys that can be used on child sites you manage.

To verify that the key is doing what you expect it to, click on the button to verify form fields and value. This will show what information is being gathered in a readable form.

Keys for the MainWP Bulk Settings Manager Extension

MainWP has made it easier by starting on a GitHub repo, which contains Bulk Settings Manager keys for popular plugins and common tasks in WordPress. You can find the repo from this link, or by searching in GitHub for the repo name Bulk Settings Manager keys.

Bulk Settings Manager shared keys
Bulk Settings Manager shared keys

You can click on the plugin you need, and in the settings “txt” will be the key that can be imported into the Bulk Settings Manager extension.

Cache Enabler Example

In this example, we will use the setting key for the plugin Cache Enabler, which is a solid, easy-to-use WordPress caching plugin.

Cache Enabler
Cache Enabler settings key on GitHub.

In your MainWP Dashboard site, go to MainWP > Bulk Settings Manager > Import Keys from Key Maker.

Make a new Bulk Settings Manger Key
Make a new Bulk Settings Manger Key

You can either create the key from the text value in the GitHub repo, or you can import from the txt file.

Click on the save key to selected child sites. In this example, it is 100 child sites, which already have the Cache Enabler plugin installed and activated on them.

Execute Bulk Settings Manger Key
Execute Bulk Settings Manger Key

100’s of Site Changed in Seconds

Now you should have bulk-changed the settings for a specific plugin on 100 child sites, instead of having to log into each of those sites to change the settings manually, which saves you time and effort, and increases productivity. Using the Bulk Settings Manager extension helps shave off redundant overwork and will save you time on making changes in the long run.

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