WordPress 4.3 Cron Issue – Fix it quick with MainWP

WordPress 4.3 has a cron issue which may affect your sites. 

There is a bug in WordPress 4.3, core not MainWP, which can affect some sites causing high CPU loads and / or Database issues but don’t worry with MainWP you can have it fixed on all your sites in just a few steps.

The Issue 

Just spent a few hours debugging two sites which went down and tracked it down to wp_options cron exploding in size. There apparently is a bug in 4.3 which causes the cron to grow in size. This can cause all kinds of issues, particularly when the mysql packet size is reached.

The bug has been fixed, but won’t be released until 4.3.1. If you are experiencing issues, there is a solution here :


~ My Source: r/WordPress

If you are interested you can visit the WordPress ticket to see more issues people are having with the bug.

The Bad News: this won’t be fixed until the release of WordPress 4.3.1

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The Good News: a Hotfix plugin has been released that automatically fixes the issue

The Better News: Using MainWP you can quickly install the Hotfix plugin on all your sites

Steps to add and activate the Hotfix plugin
1. Log into your MainWP Dashboard
2. Go to the MainWP Plugin install page (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=PluginsInstall)

MainWP hotfix

3. In the Select Sites box on the right click the “all’ button
4. Search “wp33423 hotfix” – keep “Activate plugin after installation” checked
5.  Click “Install Now” for wp33423 hotfix

Your MainWP Dashboard will then install and activate the plugin on all your connected sites.

Once it is done be sure to use the Brag on Twitter button to show how fast you can fix all your sites when a problem like this arises. 

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