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Dennis Dornon

Introducing MainWP Roadmaps

I’m excited to introduce you to our new MainWP roadmaps! We created the roadmaps in an attempt to be open with our vision of MainWP and allow you to comment and add your own ideas of what we should be working on. By using Trello, these new roadmaps will provide a better visual representation of what is happening with the MainWP team and what is being worked on. However, we won’t be adding specific bugs and minor features fixes to the Roadmaps. What about old feature requests? Anyone who has added a feature request to the old feature request system

MainWP News
Dennis Dornon

What if MainWP was sold?

With the announcement on Friday of the sale of ManageWP to GoDaddy (and confirmed today) I have received a fair amount of questions about it and I have also seen MainWP brought up in numerous comments, so I thought it was best to take a moment and address the acquisition and how a sale of a SaaS (Software as a Service) management solution such as ManageWP differs from the sale of a open source stand alone solution such as MainWP. Let me start by saying; I am proud of what Vladimir Prelovac has accomplished with ManageWP and for paving the way for plugins

MainWP Extensions
Dennis Dornon

Get Bulk Settings Manager for a Social Share

Our most powerful and useful Extensions is the Bulk Settings Manager.  I don’t say that lightly this Extension literally allows you to copy the settings from any plugin or theme and send those settings to any and all of your Child sites! “Does this mean I can now control the settings of any of my plugins or themes on any of my Child sites from my MainWP Dashboard?” “Yes it does! “ Edit: The Free with Social Share promotion ended in September 2016 Let’s take 2 scenarios you are likely to come across on a day to day basis while

MainWP Updates
Dennis Dornon

MainWP 3.1 Adds WP-CLI Integration

The release of MainWP 3.1, for both the Dashboard and Child plugins, includes 2 major upgrades. The all new basic integration with WP-CLI and better handling of Extensions when adding a new site to your Dashboard. Check the full Changelogs: MainWP Dashboard MainWP Child MainWP + WP-CLI If you haven’t heard of WP-CLI it’s a “set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can update plugins, set up multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.” The MainWP integration will Sync your sites and allow you update all your plugins and themes from the command line instead

Important Updates
Dennis Dornon

MainWP 3.0 Dashboard and Child plugins released!

Late last week we released version 3.0, a major updates to both the MainWP Dashboard and MainWP Child plugins. On first glance MainWP 3.0 may not visually appear much different than previous versions but under the hood it contains over 8000 lines of code changes! All of those code changes are meant to not only enhance security but to also bring the MainWP code base in line with WordPress coding standards. This includes proper formatting and documentation of the code so other developers can more easily work with MainWP. Thank You Beta Testers! Before we dive into some of the

MainWP Updates
Dennis Dornon

Call out for MainWP Beta Testers

We have been working a few months on a rather big release that includes a major refactoring of the MainWP Dashboard and Child code in order to bring it more in line with WordPress coding standards. Along with the code refactoring there is almost 60 additional fixes, adds and updates for the Dashboard plugin and 15 changes to the Child. We have tested this update thoroughly on many different server setups but it’s impossible to test every configuration. That is why I am asking if you could install the Dashboard and Child plugins on some of your test sites and

2015 MainWP Recap and Important Extension Pricing Changes

2015 so far … 2015, has been an awesome year so far for MainWP: Launched 8 brand new Extensions Released 152 Extension updates Committed 28 version updates of the MainWP Dashboard Hired 2 new team members Answered 3289 support tickets with a 93% awesome rating Surpassed 10,000 Extension customers Gave back to the community and sponsored 7 WordCamps Everything considered MainWP is looking very healthy and poised to move forward and we owe all the thanks to you, without members like you we would not of have had our awesome year of growth. In 2016, we will continue to innovate,

Introducing the Bulk Settings Manager Extension

Our most exciting Extension release ever!   At MainWP innovation is in our DNA and we have brought many innovations to WordPress Management sphere including: The first and still only fully open source WordPress Management system The first and still only WordPress manager dashboard that can be run directly from WordPress The only system with a full API allowing users to customize the system as much as they want. And today I am proud to announce that the tradition continues with the all new and first of it’s kind Bulk Settings Manager Extension! What is the Bulk Settings Manager Extension?

Why We Love A/B Split Testing (And You Should, Too!)

Good website design and management should not be based on feelings or personal preferences. Rather it should be based on data and facts that move you closer to your goals. That’s why I love A/B split testing. It’s all about figuring out the correct path for your design based on hard data. If you’re serious about measuring the ROI of a website, then A/B split testing will help you work towards the best design by allowing you to test different options against each other to discover which is the higher performing design. You start by picking a key conversion metric (like

Stop XML-RPC Bruteforce Attacks by using MainWP

Late last week the Sucuri security blog announced that have seen a large uptick in brute force attacks on WordPress sites using XML-RPC and today we’ll go over 3 very quick and easy ways to turn off XML – RPC on all your MainWP Child sites. The Sucuri Blog goes into great detail on how the attack works and I recommend you check that out if you want the full details. MainWP does not communicate with your Child sites through XML-RPC so it is safe to turn it off without affecting MainWP usability . However some plugins, such as Jetpack,

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